The future of NFTs with FORJ; 4 facts you need to know

In Creators, Digital, Insights by Accounts Amaze March 23, 2022

If you missed our Instagram Live with FORJ, it’s worth catching up. Watch the discussion below and learn the in’s and out’s of utility, community engagement, and more as you enter the world of NFTs.

Full livestream with FORJ and Spring team

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1. NFTs are the next step for creators.

One thing is clear: NFTs are community builders. Fans are constantly searching for new ways to support you and your career as a creator; and NFTs make for the perfect way to do so publicly. Selling an NFT tokenizes your brand—allowing unlimited utility and endless ways to keep your community engaged in the future. See how other creators are killing it with Mint-On-Demand already.

NFT examples by Spring creators

2. Utility adds value: marking physical experiences for fans 

The future for the creator world is about seamless interaction with digital content and mixing it with the real, physical world. Once upon a time, fans would subscribe to an email list to stay in the know and receive updates. NFTs give communities the chance to have a stake in their creator’s brand—technology has never allowed that.

That’s where ‘utility’ comes in. Soon, creators selling NFTs on Spring will give fans the governance to vote on what content comes next, receive special benefits, and have a stake on brand decisions (stay tuned for ways to give back to NFT buyers).

3. Mint-On-Demand™ allows for eco-friendly NFT minting.

Firstly, the Mint-On-Demand service is designed to reduce energy wastage, by only minting after purchase (more about that further down).

FORJ also works with the Polygon blockchain, allowing more eco-friendly NFT minting. One minted NFT with Polygon uses 3x less energy than streaming a video online for 20 minutes. 

4. Minting after purchase and receiving crypto-wallets: real benefits.

NFTs are only minted after purchase on Spring, reducing energy wastage. Both the creator and the NFT buyer then receive a crypto-wallet containing the NFT—so no need to worry about the technicalities.

In the future, creators will be able to leverage their crypto-wallets to give back to their communities. Prepare to be able to drop surprises in your NFT holders’ wallets, give access to gated chats, send bonus content, and more.