How a psychology professor took Instagram Shopping by storm

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze September 2, 2021

She came, she created, she integrated—now, Christina Costa is reaping rewards from her shop on Instagram.

Christina Costa loves neuropsychology. 

Not only is Christina pursuing her PhD from University of Michigan, she also teaches psychology to both undergraduate and high school students. On top of that, she’s written a book, given a TED talk, and regularly shares educational content with her fans. Even her dog is named Neuro. 

Christina’s so passionate, in fact, that she started creating products to convey the messages most important to her: celebrating neurodiversity and promoting accessibility. 

Sales were going well, and Christina was pleased. And then she integrated her store with Instagram. 

On August 21, Christina posted a photo wearing her “Celebrate Neurodiversity” t-shirt she created with Spring. She tagged the product in her post, so fans could buy from her profile. 

On that day alone, Christina racked up 150 sales of that shirt—her highest number of sales ever in a single day.

The best part—Christina’s not just spreading an important message; many of her proceeds from products are dedicated to cancer research. 

“I love using the Spring feature on Instagram,” Christina says. “It makes it so easy to integrate the products on Instagram and raise money for cancer research!”

You can take advantage, too. Go to your profile and look for the “Add Shop” button. From there, you can tag products in posts, stories, and reels, making it easy for fans to buy right then and there—just like what happened with Christina. If you don’t see the “Add Shop” button, don’t fret—we’re still rolling this integration out for creators and it should be available for you soon. 

Head to your Instagram profile to get started.