How To Connect & Collaborate With Other Creators

In Creator success by Danielle Pederson August 10, 2023

In today’s climate, it’s becoming increasingly more important for creators to collaborate with other brands, influencers and content creators. Why go it alone when working with others might be more fun? And more than that, it’s definitely more effective. But first…

What is content collaboration and what are the benefits?

When two or more people get together and produce content, that’s what we’re referring to as content collaboration. Many content creators work with other brands and creators outside of their circle as a way to mutually build business.

Your collaboration can be an ongoing project, a single post or video, or a series (see more examples below). Doing this is beneficial because it helps your brand get in front of a new audience to expand on the reach you already have.

If the idea of collaboration is new to you, no worries, we’ve got tips on how to pursue it.

Find the best partners for your brand

There are a few important actions you can take here:

  • Set goals. Don’t just start asking people if they want to partner up. Really analyze what it is you want to get out of the partnership. What are you trying to accomplish with joint content? Is it increasing your following? Selling more merch? Getting a foothold into a new niche? Once you know your goals, you are at an excellent starting point for finding the best collaborators. 
  • Make a list. Think of any and all creators who may be a good fit for those goals you just set. Think of people within your own circle, subject matter experts (inside or outside your niche), influencers you admire, or a company you like to use. 
  • Reach out to potential partners. Once you have your list of people, it’s time to reach out. In your initial communication, introduce yourself and your brand and then lay out your goals (be sure to state why these goals are also beneficial to them). Also explain how they can contribute (be clear in your expectations). This initial contact is to gauge their interest in collaborating. Be patient. This step can take time. Here some extra tips:
    • Attend events. Find places where you can network with other creators. These can be influencer-focused events or events within your niche (expos, fan conventions, fitness conventions, the list is endless). 
    • Network locally. Don’t have the time or money to travel? Search for creators in or around where you live. Maybe a creator in your area is looking to grow their channel. Even if this is on a smaller scale, you are creating a network. 
    • Become a fan. Being a content creator can be time-intensive. But don’t let that keep you from being a fan of other creators. Start following other channels. Comment on other creators’ posts. Being a true fan is the best first step in finding someone you want to work with.

Ways to successfully work with others

As we said, there are many types of content you create with a collaborator. Here are just a few broad examples:

  • Guest posts. Ideal for creators who post frequently as it gives you twice the firepower when it comes to coming up with new content ideas. Guest posts also bring traffic from the other creator’s audience, too! 
  • Guest appearances. For creators that do videos, having another creator make an appearance, either as an interviewee or to participate in your video, is a quick and easy way to collaborate and shake up your routine. 
  • Roundups. These are larger gatherings of like-minded people and can help push your reach outside your niche. It helps to include people who are considered by your audience as an authority on a specific topic. 
  • Social media takeovers. Let one of your social media platforms get taken over by another creator who then posts from your account on an agreed length of time. This brings their audience over to your account for longer than just one post. Obviously you would only do this with a trusted partner that is aligned with your brand and following a set of predetermined expectations. 
  • Giveaways. Definitely a way to get engagement for your brand, but giveaways are also a great opportunity for content collaborations. There are numerous methods of doing this, but two common ways are asking for donations or co-hosting a contest. 
  • Podcasts. They’ve grown a lot in popularity in recent years. Find podcasters with small but growing audiences and then reach out to set up appearances. You can promote the podcast on your channels to in turn help grow the podcast’s reach.

How to successfully collaborate 

Once you have found the right partners and decided what types of content you will be collaborating on, it’s best to follow a step-by-step guide through the collaborative process, especially if your partnership will be long term.

  • Write a brief. Outline the scope of your partnership, what you’re going for, and what you want to accomplish. By documenting all this, you make it easier for everyone to stay on target. 
  • Map out a timeline. What are the tasks required to achieve your goals? We recommend using a collaboration tool (we don’t want to be biased, so google it) to list out the tasks that must be completed before you can execute your content collab successfully. 
  • Set deadlines and assign tasks. Once everything is mapped out, start from your launch date (when the content will go live) and work backwards. Set due dates for each task and make sure all participants know what they are responsible for. 
  • Remember to balance your focus. Don’t forget to maintain your brand and attend to your current audience. Working with other creators is a balancing act between your collaboration and your regular posting schedule. 
  • Stay loyal to your current fans. As you continue to grow your base with new partners, continue to nurture your current audience. If you rebrand just because you’re trying to please a new partner(s), it will be seen as a cash grab by your audience and will have the opposite effect you’re aiming for. You can’t please everyone, but you already know what pleases your base. 

We know this may seem overwhelming as there are many partnership possibilities. But the main goal, regardless of your method, is to cut your efforts in half and double your reach. That’s exciting, isn’t it? Start with a goal and get started!