Trending Merch for Summer 2023

In Creator success, Design tips, Insights, Trend by Danielle Pederson August 4, 2023

Summer is sizzling and new trends have arrived. We know you want to keep sales flowing throughout the season, so check out the top trending products we’re seeing this summer below.

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1. Tank Tops.

Women's Racerback Tank

Whether a classic, premium, women’s flowy tank, or women’s racerback tank, these tanks are always a seasonal go-to bestseller. Tanks are great for a walk in the park, hitting the gym, and other summer activities. With a feel-good design and the right color, this could easily become your hottest trending product. 

2. Beach Towel.

Sometimes it’s best not to reinvent the wheel and just go simple with essential summer products – give your fans exactly what they want! Beach towels lend themselves to beautiful, vivid designs. Leveraging the latest colors and trends along with your branding makes beach towels a sales-boosting addition to your Spring store.

3. Unisex Slides.

Black Slides

Slides are the centerpiece for beach days, pool parties, and summer outfits. 

We offer both black and white slides, and of course you can design with whatever colors you want within your designs. 

4. Swimsuits. 

All-Over Print Men's Swim Trunks

Vital for your summer catalog, this outdoor must-have can turn heads at the beach or pool party while repping your brand.

5. Water Bottle.

20oz Stainless Water Bottle

Hydration is at the top of our to-do list, helping fans stay cool in the summer heat. Spring’s stainless steel bottle is good for the planet, and with a great design, like this one from cncdesignshop, it can be one of your bestsellers.

6. Tote Bag.

Weekender Tote

Different bags for different getaways. With the right designs, this could be the trendiest thing in your arsenal (to carry all your other trendy things!) All three totes are just waiting for your amazing designs. Check out this tote created by Inner Princess Journey for inspo!    

7. Fanny Packs.

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are seriously back on trend and getting the respect they always deserved due to their safety and comfort––especially with the right design. So customize with your brand to match your tanks and tees and watch them sell like hotcakes. 

8. Hats.

Bucket Hat

Sometimes on vacay we want to remain conspicuous. Maybe you’re grocery shopping in Hawaii and don’t feel like making yourself presentable. Good problem to have. Offer your fans a variety of hats to choose from on your Spring Store. Low-key and fashionable––a great combination. And with a great logo, an even bigger seller. 

9. Spiral Notebook.


If you’re looking for an underdog, look no further than a spiral notebook. It fits perfectly into that tote you just designed. And who doesn’t need a notebook lying around?

Of course your selling point can also be “Back to School” so hit your fans with it early to get ahead of the game. 

10. Pillows.

Indoor Pillow

A summer-themed pillow is a great seasonal addition to the home, and one that can be used year after year. Why not offer a variety of on-brand options? Fans might buy more than one! 

11. Tees.

Classic Crew Neck Comfortsoft T-Shirt

Tees are never out of trend and are the bread and butter of summer apparel. Tie-dye and spiral designs are popular right now, but so are the classic graphic tees, like this one by French Bulldog. Sell them to fans and design a matching one for their pet! 

12. Athletic Joggers.

All-Over Print Joggers

Summer is about dressing down. We secretly love being able to casually dial it back and joggers are the perfect start. Active people (especially in the summer) aim for comfort, even while working (from home). It’s the perfect merch to give your fans for their daily activities throughout the summer and into the fall.

13. Wine Tumbler.

Wine Tumbler

Come on. Admit it. Many of us want to just kick our feet up after a long day with a glass of wine. But in this case, it’s a wine tumbler! Watch your fans toast their friends with your custom-designed wine tumblers after a long summer day. 

14. Leggings.


Leggings have become a year-round staple. Sporty, relaxing, and form-fitting fabric for almost any outing. They’re sure to be a summer hit with your fans, especially with an all-over print that stands out.

15. Shorts.

All-Over Print Men's Jersey Shorts

You will undoubtedly need to pick up your design game to compete with this retail favorite. Shorts are the hottest sellers, but also the most competitive market. That’s definitely where the all-over print comes in. You can go a number of routes with the design––a logo that’s toned down accompanied by iconic graphics, like these shorts from Be L3gendary, or sleek patterns. 

With these summer staples you will be combining style and comfort so your fans can enjoy workouts, daily activities, or just lazy summer days. 

16. Unisex Fabric Backpack.


Custom-designed backpacks are popular in summer, especially as many of us are out and about again: hiking, road trips, and other activities will be more fun with your epic designs.

And there you have it: 16 trending products to launch your merch store into the stratosphere. Create & design early and often. But don’t forget to have some fun in the sun, as well by ordering samples and showing them off on your socials!