How to create the perfect logo for your brand

In Creator success, Design tips by Danielle Pederson May 2, 2023

Think of a logo as a promise your brand makes to your customers, followers, and fans. Why? Your logo is making a visual statement about who you are as a brand. It better be an accurate representation! How many famous brands do you recognize just by the logo? Most, if not all. That’s because a great logo communicates a message that is understandable and clear. 

However, it can be tricky to create a logo that perfectly matches your brand. How do you blend your business ideals with a logo design that not only helps your business stand out/be memorable but also fits the brand? Don’t worry, Spring by Amaze can help with our Design on Demand services offered by affinityX. But more on that later. 

First, here are some tips on how to create the perfect logo for your brand: 

Do some soul searching about your brand

Many people think they need to start with a logo and then develop the brand. That’s actually backward. Know your brand first and the logo will follow. First, you need to get to know yourself. Your brand is an extension of you who are, so ask yourself the tough questions about what you want to put into the world. If you truly understand who you are and what you’re about, it will help you understand the feelings you want your company to evoke. What do you stand for? What is the “why” for creating? Don’t rely on making money – that’s a (great) by-product. What is your mission? You’re on the right track if you can answer why you’re doing this and the answer isn’t to “just make money.” When you know the why, what does it look like in the form of a visual presentation? Now you’re ready to imagine your logo.

Simple is always better

We mean it. Simple IS always better. You don’t want to complicate the visual representation of your brand. You want to be instantly recognizable and not get lost in the fray. Complicated logos tend to succumb to that. 

Go minimal. You want to go as minimalistic as possible, especially if you include your brand name in your logo. Don’t clutter up the space with unnecessary words. Any letting on your logo should be easy to read and short. 

Keep it clean. What do we mean by clean? Your visual should have empty space. If you’re unsure if an element needs to be there, remove it. Sometimes simple shapes are all you need. An example is a camera company that just uses a circle and two brackets. 

Be literal. For the best impact, be simple, literal, minimal, and clean. For a great example, check out this Spring creator and their logo “Work for your beer.”

If you’re stuck, you can hire a design professional to help you arrive at a minimalistic, yet instantly recognizable logo. 

Land on your vibe 

Remember, your logo is what will tie your visuals together. It’ll be on your channels, your site, and your merch. Logos are part of what gets fans to emotionally connect with a brand. How do you want your fans to feel? What vibe do you want to give off? Playful? Intense? Excited? Or would you rather be all business and keep it practical? Whoever your ideal customer is – based on the emotion your brand evokes – pick the right colors, iconography, and typography that will strike an emotional chord. 

Be memorable

Your brand name is important even if it’s not in your logo. Some brands opt to have their name in the logo. If this is the route you’d like to go, your name needs to be memorable, short, and simple. Something goofy, for example, is memorable. Who’s gonna forget the name NerdFace? Being memorable means your customers can easily repeat the name to others. But having a memorable name and recognizable logo generates more residual benefit than just being memorable. It also saves you marketing costs. Word-of-mouth takes over!

Trust your instincts

This may sound abstract but allow us to go a little Obi Wan on you for a second. Temporarily toss the spreadsheets, polls, and reports to the side. Have you ever heard a name or seen a logo in your head and it just felt right? You just know, right? Take a piece of paper and write down the name of your brand. Then write 10 words that represent your mission and your values. Next, bust open a thesaurus and make those 10 words as specific as possible. Finally, find your font, your colors, and watch your logo come to life. You will be looking at your brand’s visual identity. Be Luke, close your eyes and trust the force!

Test logos with family & friends

Not everyone can afford focus groups, but if you can, do it! Let’s assume you can’t afford it. You want to find out what your audience responds to. Make sure to ask friends and family (or a test audience if you have the budget) very specific questions so you can learn what logos/names your audience is attracted to. Identify the emotion behind the attraction, which will then inform your final logo before launch. 

SEO can matter

You may be tempted to roll your logo out the second you arrive at your perfect branding. Pump the brakes one last time. Is this a common name or similar logo to anything else? Double check. It’s worth it. You want to stand out and this will be one less headache you will thank yourself for. 

It’s time to get creative!

It can be daunting to design a logo, but your brand logo is crucial to your success as a creator. It will go on your channels and your merch. Remember—your logo is a visual representation of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. That’s a lot, right? Don’t worry, Spring by Amaze has got you covered with Design on Demand Services offered by affinityX. You’ll get a professionally-designed logo for an affordable price so you can start using that perfect logo asap! 

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