The Value of Having a Custom Domain

In Creator success by Danielle Pederson May 10, 2023

Why is it so valuable to have a custom domain for your store? Before we dive in…let’s take a step back. What is a custom domain? 

Most every social media campaign has a link leading the user somewhere to do something (usually to buy merch). That link is a web address, or URL. Whether it’s for a promotion, contest, giveaway, or a landing page to promote your mech, a URL is what directs people there. 

A major component of your URL is the domain name. Simply put, a domain name is the unique part of the web address, sandwiched between the necessary parts of https://www and (dot)com. This domain can be random or customized (your name or your brand name).

When driving fans to your business, wouldn’t it be better if your link was purposeful and identifiable to you versus a random string of letters and numbers?

Of course. Still, here are 3 more specific reasons custom domains have value, followed by 4 ways to get the most bang out of your domain:

  1. Your BRAND needs to be the first thing seen. Purchasing a domain name is the smartest decision you can make for brand recognition. A custom domain helps promote you and your brand. Website and campaign-building platforms tend to use generic names related to that platform. EX: Your company’s name is Grape Dew. Instead of a generic URL like, your campaign’s URL might be By seeing the brand name in the URL, customers are associating the name of your brand with the link they are clicking, thereby building in their mind brand consistency and product identity. And for those customers who get confused or tend to be more leary than others, at the very least having a custom domain tells them they are in the right place. Which brings us to:
  2. Trust. Unfortunately, we are living in an age where it’s not surprising to hear about this “scam” or that “identity theft,” etc. The inevitable result is reluctancy by potential customers to click on links. If a link is clearly connected to your business, this greatly decreases skepticism. 
  3. Make your brand DISCOVERABLE. Here’s a quick rundown just in case you’re unclear: On websites, the root domain is what search engines see. Your search engine optimization (SEO) is greatly improved by having a custom domain, and here’s why: Let’s say a user is searching for something very specific and relevant to your brand, but you have a generic domain. You won’t pop up. However, a custom domain will. The benefits don’t end there. Your site will then become ranked higher. And the more campaigns you run with the same custom domain, the higher your search ranking will be. Every time you run a new campaign with the same domain name you previously used, you now have an even greater chance of being seen at the top of the search results! 

4 ways to get value out of your domain name:

  1. Include your Spring store website in the domain name. The value of a domain name comes from the website in the name. Your brand and your Spring store website should be in your custom domain name. When your domain name includes your website, it increases your options on what you can link to and what you can do with your domain name. 
  2. Use your Spring custom domain in your custom email address. When you use your domain name in your email address from a custom email account, it doesn’t just advertise your website, it adds to your email address a level of professionalism and makes it easier to send branded communications. You can also manage your custom domain email accounts from your personal email by having them automatically forwarded to your personal email account. 
  3. Forward your domain name to social media. You don’t want to keep telling people, “Find me on Twitter” or “Look me up on IG.” Forward your domain name to your social platforms. Ex.,, etc. This keeps on brand across the board, all platforms, and all mediums. If you want to know how to forward your domain to socials, each platform has a different set of steps. You will have to google the steps for each one. In the end it’s worth it! 
  4. Pick as valuable a domain name as possible. The ideal domain name is determined by you and your brand. Assuming you have a handle on your brand and who your audience is, pick the domain name that will most connect with them and be the most relevant to them, increasing the overall value of your domain. Ex: If you’re a swing dance instructor, is better than, and is better than, and so on. Get as specific and as relevant to your audience and brand as possible. 

As you can see, brand identity is important and a custom domain name is a major component of that. If you’re a Spring creator, we’ve made it easy to have a custom domain. You can go buy one yourself and connect it to your Spring storefront or you can buy one directly in Spring. So register that custom domain asap and Happy Prospering!