Creating a free store on Spring

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze July 7, 2022

After you’ve signed up to Spring, follow these simple steps and you’ll have everything you need to start creating and selling products to your followers.

1. Set up your store

Head to the ‘Stores’ tab of your dashboard to get started.

2. Set up your store

A great looking store not only streamlines your fans’ shopping experience, it compliments the products inside it—making visitors more likely to purchase products. 

Before you start customizing your Spring store, grab your brand logo and think about the colors you use on your social profiles. Here’s some of the customization features available: 

  • Logo and branding: Upload your logo and pick colors for your navigation bar, hero text and buttons.
  • Branded shopping experience: the branding elements on your store will be reflected on listing pages and even the transactional emails your fans receive after purchase.
  • Social media icons: clickable social icons to your store’s navigation bar and/or store footer.  
  • Add a domain: Your store will have a unique URL generated based on its name, but you can also connect or purchase a domain. Learn more here.
  • Hero banner: use “advanced settings” to add custom buttons, headings and text to your store. 

3. Fill your store with products

Once you’ve created products, start adding them to your store. Start in the Store Editor on the stores tab of your dashboard and click ‘Products’ on the left navigation. Star the products you’d like your fans to see first in the ‘Featured Products’ section.

Top tip: Check out your finished store within the editor to ensure everything looks perfect. Most fans will be on their mobile devices, so make sure you preview all your branding on both device views.

4. Fill your store with products

When you’re ready to start sharing your store live on Facebook Gaming, copy your store link from the Stores tab in your dashboard. 

Find out how to start creating and selling products below.