How to smash your first NFT project with Jason Corey in 4 steps

When Jason Corey dropped his first NFT project, he sold out within 72 hours. The secret behind getting fans to join him on his journey into Web3 was simple, but smart: come up with an idea fans really care about. Read the full story to learn more. 

Sell NFTs on YouTube Jason Corey's first NFT project


  1. Create content your fans cares about
  2. Make your NFT idea community driven
  3. Limited edition NFTs work
  4. Promote organically
  5. Launch your own NFT

Step 1: find a topic you care about, others will too.

Jason Corey creates content on YouTube about his relationship with his beloved dog, Bruce Wayne. He’s passionate about sharing how incredible the Cane Corso breed can be (despite the fact they’re often seen in a negative light). Turns out there’s thousands of others who want to learn from Jason’s dog training methods:

Within 6 months I hit over 100k subscribers. Since then, I’ve gained 250k total subscribers and changed the way people think of dog ownership along the way.”

Step 2: come up with a community driven NFT idea

Jason priced his ‘Bruce Wayne the Defender’ NFTs at $100 each—best of all, he pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds to a local animal shelter. His goal is to scale up, support larger charities, and make a widespread impact. 

“Bruce Wayne has not only changed the entire Cane Corso world but just in general the dog world for the better. The community was strongly invested as it aligned with the well-being and protection of canines everywhere. I received quite a few messages after we sold out asking if we will be doing more charitable actions, which I am 100% going to do.”

The key to Jason’s first NFT project success was coming up with a community driven idea. His NFT drop gave fans a way to support him as a creator, and a cause they care about. Mint-On-Demand allowed him to upload his digital artwork and start selling in minutes.

Step 3: limited edition NFTs all the way

The decision to only launch 10 NFTs for his first drop was a smart one. The limited availability strategy creates urgency and increases the value—meaning Jason could sell them at $100 each. So what was the value for the NFT holders? Each of the buyers were officially the first to get behind the Bruce Wayne project. As the NFT project grows, they’ll be the original supporters.

Step 4: promote on social media organically 

When it came to announcing his NFT drop, Jason found organic promotion worked best. Fitting it into his current content schedule and continuing to talk about the Bruce Project daily worked wonders. 

NFT project Jason Corey

The best part was I didn’t even have to do heavy promotion to sell all 10. I mentioned it the start of a YouTube video, did 1 IG post and posted a couple stories each day. I have one of the best communities on YouTube. Everyone is so kind and generous and they were all quick to hop on board and show full support” 

So, key takeaways. Think of a cause your community cares about. Come up a community driven idea, release limited NFTs, and increase value by communicating with fans about what’s coming up. We can’t wait to see what Jason does next. 

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