Sleigh the holidays with digital products: instant delivery, inspo, plus freebies

In Digital by Accounts Amaze December 6, 2021

Over the coming weeks, take advantage of digital products. Don’t miss out on the chance to make bank right up to December 25th with instant delivery.

Tons of creators have already started. See 9 examples of best selling digital products we spotted this season. Also, try out the free templates we’ve provided.

Digital recipe e-books

There’s no better way for you and fans to share festivities than cooking together. Nutritional Sarah came through with her December recipes, The Cheese man got his fans craving dairy, and Alexandre Boulanger jotted down her favorite Cake marbré tarte. Delicious.

Collate your best home-made treats for the season and create a downloadable PDF using the Canva e-book builder below.

Digital gifting ideas

Gone are the days of nervously waiting for shipping. Perfect for last minute fans searching for the perfect gift—digital products are delivered instantly. 

Top of our wish list: Simons Cat’s 2022 digital planner, Bhooked’s cable knit hat guide, and Deliberately Creative’s festive coloring book. Get access to free templates below. 

Winter photo filters

Great for all creators with camera-happy fans. After download, they can apply your photo enhancement settings to their own images with a simple download. See Ali Gujjar’s Alaska preset.

If you want to create your preset from scratch, you might lower the saturation, apply a retro grain effect, or play with the exposure. Checkout our Preset guide for more tips. Otherwise, we’ve got free presets you can download, customize, and sell below.

Digital DIY guides

Join other creators in selling guides to keep fans busy over the holidays. Cooper Jason set the bar high. Ever wondered how to build a Christmas tree shaped shelving unit? Well now his fans do, with this PDF Christmas display plan. The Outsider walks you through how to create a pop-up-cabin

Got anything up your sleeve? Head to Canva below to create one for free.

Festive audio files

If you’re a music artist, producer (or just have a knack with sound), consider selling audio files. Sell limited edition albums for your fans to listen to while they enjoy the festivities. Take for example Miss Linky, who offered a Christmas Concert Song.