More than a milestone; what 8 million creators really means to Spring

In News by Accounts Amaze December 8, 2021
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Creators have revolutionized the nature of commerce, and we’re honored to share this journey with them, and our partners.

We are humbled to announce there are over 8,000,000 creators on the Spring platform. Together, we’ve created moments so powerful, they go beyond followers and likes.

As of today, Spring serves almost 20% of the creator commerce market. Our creators represent over 120 different countries, and a mind blowing 16+ billion fans. It’s been a privilege to watch our exceptional creators and partners grow, evolve, and succeed alongside us. To celebrate this milestone, we are looking back on our most pivotal moments.

The evolution of Spring

Although we were founded in 2012, our first step towards becoming the world’s leading creator commerce platform started with YouTube in 2018. Up until that point, we put the “tee” in “Teespring”…but we knew we had much more to offer. 

In June 2018, our exclusive partnership with YouTube was announced; the Merch Shelf. This was a huge moment for both Spring and creators—the first integration of its kind. Creators immediately reaped the benefits of this partnership. In the same month, Joshua Slice launched a pre-order plushie of Lucas the Spider, a popular character from his YouTube channel. Joshua ended up selling over $2,000,000 worth of plushies in 39 days. Since then, a staggering 1,380 other creators have each earned over $100,000 by selling their Spring products through our YouTube merch integration.

After our YouTube integration, more partnerships followed. Now Spring offers powerful integrations with Linkree, Instagram, Twitch, Discord, Streamlabs, Facebook Gaming, and TikTok—we’ve armed you with everything you need to engage your fans and promote your products, natively within your creative content. 

Spring’s product offering continued to evolve as well. We went from a simple apparel platform to offering bespoke products, facilitating brand collaborations for creators, and much more. Breaking into digital products was another monumental moment for us and our creators alike.

Combined with our social integrations, digital products are driving new creator success stories daily. We have been blown away; DIY creators have shown up with pop-up shed manuals, basketball champions have taught fans to jump higher with digital guides. We’ve seen meditation audios, 3D printing files, ferret feeding e-recipes, cheese making courses, and mind-blowing NFTs just to name a few.  

Lastly, our evolution from Teespring to Spring in February 2021 solidified our pledge to supporting our creators. We’re approaching the end of year one in our new chapter as Spring, and with 2,400 people joining our platform every day—there’s no doubt we’ll work to become the best creator commerce platform out there. 

Looking to the future

As we continue to explore new ways to revolutionize creator commerce, our hope is that our creators will continue to grow alongside us, fueling passions and reaching their full creative potential.

So today, as we pass 8 million creators on the Spring platform, we humbly share this one simple message to our partners and creators: thank you.