Teespring becomes the first extension to offer sub-exclusive merch on Twitch

In News by Accounts Amaze July 15, 2019
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The Teespring Merch Store extension empowers Twitchcasters to reward loyal channel subscribers like never before. Utilize this feature to engage current subscribers as well as recruit new ones by offering access to exclusive merch. 


Teespring currently offers the only Twitch extension where users can create and sell subscriber-exclusive merch in combination with integrated checkout and built in OBS and chat alerts.

Teespring Merch Store benefits:

  • Real-time animated OBS and chat alerts 
  • Subscriber-exclusive merch (NEW)
  • Integrated checkout on Twitch
  • Guaranteed best in industry profit margins 
  • 50+ print-on-demand products that ship to 180 countries worldwide 
  • Storefront customization
  • Hassle-free selling—Teespring handles order processing, delivery, and customer support
  • Additional features (coming soon) include customizable celebrations and special discounts for subscribers. 


How to create subscriber-exclusive merch

Sub-exclusive merch is intended to not only engage and reward your loyal subs, but also encourage more people to subscribe to your channel. Learn how to create sub-exclusive merch and how it can increase your subscriber count in the video below.

[button href=https://community.teespring.com/answers/twitch-extension-faqs// target=_blank]Extension FAQ’s[/button]


Check out the two ways shoppers are encouraged to subscribe to your channel.

Shoppers on Teespring:

  • Everyone can see your sub-exclusive merch on Teespring. However, once they click on the listing page a shopper must select “Unlock as Twitch Subscriber” to purchase any sub-exclusive merch. 
  • Once the shopper verifies they’re a subscriber to your channel they’ll be shown the “Add to cart” option and can complete the purchase. 
  • If the shopper is not a subscriber they’ll be prompted to become one and redirected to your channel subscription page. 

Shoppers on Twitch: 

  • Viewers on your Twitch Channel are able to browse your sub-exclusive products. 
  • When they click ‘Subscribe to buy’ they’ll be asked to verify their subscriber status on your channel. 
  • Once verified they’ll have the option to ‘Buy now’ and complete purchase.
  • If they’re not subscribed to your channel they’ll be directed to your channel subscription page.