Keep sales rolling until Christmas with digital products

In Digital by Accounts Amaze September 30, 2021
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Add digital products to your store now and sell them all the way up to December 25th thanks to instant delivery. Sales needn’t stop.

Smash your sales records by offering digital products this holiday season. We’ve put together a bunch of ideas for you below (along with free tools linked in each section to help you get started). Don’t forget, you don’t need to be a design wizard. You have a ton of free templates here too.

Repurpose existing digital products

Think of a successful digital product you launched this past year. Then, make it holiday-ready. Here’s a few examples: 

  • Digital coloring book. Create festive themed pictures to color in-app or print out. Just remove the color from one of your designs using Photoshop, or there are plenty of tools online.
  • Lightroom preset. Consider creating a winter photo filter. Bring down the saturation and add a frosty tint, or apply a grainy texture and warm up the colors for a vintage disposable film vibe.
  • Digital art. Fans go crazy for your artwork? Offer limited edition printable artwork for fans to download and print out, only available during December.

Holiday theme e-card designs 

Digital e-card designs encourage sustainable shopping and save paper. Offer a set of digital e-card designs for fans to forward to family and friends. Get started via the button below.

  • Go the extra mile—consider animating your e-card or adding sounds. 
  • Psst—use Canva’s e-card builder. They have a ton of templates you customize and animate. 
  • Alternatively, provide design templates (editable photoshop, indesign, or illustrator files), so your fans can customize and make their own. 

Audio files 

Got a popular line or catch phrase your fans loved in one of your livestreams this year? Try your hand at selling the moment in the form of an audio file. Your community can download and use it as ringtones, notification tones, and more. 

Further, if you’re a music artist, producer (or just a bit of a whiz with sound), consider selling audio files. Sell limited edition albums for your fans to listen to while they enjoy festivities. 

Create guides and e-books

Inspire your fans with your digital products this holiday season. Take your ideas to Canva and make a guide. You might create recipes for festive bakes, crafty ideas for DIY gifts, a wreath making step-by-step, or a festive knitting pattern for fans to knit their dog a Christmas jumper—we could go on.

Head to Canva below to use the e-book builder. Pick a design, add your content, then add pages via the button at the bottom of the editor.

Prep for 2022—planners and calendars

In the run up to the holiday, you should think about releasing digital products for the new year. Focus on helping your community to get themselves organized and become the best version of themself. Examples of products you might create, we’ve also linked free templates to help:

Create listing images easily using Placeit mock-up templates via the button below.