If at first you don’t succeed, try digital. Robert McEwen on his e-book

Creators can upload an e-book to sell with just about any content and following. Downloadable e-books are one of the most versatile digital products and applicable to any industry. We’ve seen tons—vrom how-to guides, poems, fiction, e-zines (digital magazines), sheet music, and many more. Aspiring writer Robert McEwen shares how publishing his children’s story book as a downloadable digital product has been game changing. 

From 100’s of hardback books… 

Beginning his writing hustle and publishing his first ever story book for children in 2014, Robert felt inspired by the virtues and life lessons he teaches his son—such as honor and courage. He printed several hundred and hosted several readings at children’s book shops, selling copies and spreading the word. Although this was an enriching experience, Robert found it challenging to reach communities further than his hometown. Plus, printing and publishing a book is a huge investment, with financial risk involved. 

To unlimited digital e-books

Robert needed to rethink his approach and explore other avenues. With the introduction of digital products on Teespring, Robert saw his chance. Distributing his children’s book by sharing a simple URL on social media meant no risk, no expense and allows him to spread the word worldwide. Plus, he benefits from high profits with zero expenses incurred, and freedom to release more e-books which are easily accessible with instant delivery to all fans (or readers). Creating his e-book digitally also opened up the opportunity to collaborate with illustrators worldwide to work on the cartoon-like imagery, complimenting his writing and enhancing the product. Young Spartacus: Virtues Of a Warrior is compatible with a kindle, a tablet, and mobile device and accessible to all readers easily and quickly.

For writers and authors, selling downloadable e-books makes for an incredibly innovative way to test and experiment with their work. By sharing online, creators can very simply gage their popularity, measure engagement, track sales, and get fast feedback. Start by arranging your content into .pdf or .jpeg format, test it out on your devices, then upload it to the Digital Launcher. Designing a book cover and selecting a few sneak-peek pages is also a good idea for your product preview images shown on your digital listing.

Digitally publish (upload to the digital launcher 😉) your e-book ready to start sharing in 2021 and head to Robert’s store to check it out.