Revolutionizing fitness: How Champsworth’s gym went digital

In Creators, Digital by Accounts Amaze January 5, 2021
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Fans will be preparing globally for 2021 over the coming weeks by planning their fitness and wellness goals. With gyms closing and social distancing in place, health and fitness creators are finding perfect opportunities to help their communities achieve the same results independently indoors.

LA based creator and fitness instructor Champsworth Online & Uncensored is living proof of how digital products are game-changing for his industry. Stick with us and find out how.


Fitness creator Champsworth Online & Uncensored shares how after his gym closing, he dropped a digital fitness program for fans to work out at home.

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Keep calm, drop a digital fitness plan, carry on

After Harris Martin, founder of Champsworth Online and Uncensored discovered the chance to continue earning by offering his services and content digitally. Having to close and re-open his gym several times forced him to consider other options. Not being able to train clients or deliver fitness plans face to face meant digitizing his content and profession meant keeping his hustle moving, setting him up to keep profits going in the new year.

  • The ability to keep fans (and himself) active social distancing restrictions and regulations changing regularly
  • Guiding and encouraging clients to achieve their goals independently through his thorough content without being physically there with them 
  • An opportunity to keep generating income and continue doing what he does best—helping his followers become better versions of themselves, despite the obstacles of 2020
  • Instant delivery. With a simple download, fans can get going right away while they’re feeling motivated, without any excuses.

In it together and getting fit from home 

What’s so smart about the content included in the program is it’s tailored not only for individuals with real goals and determination, but it’s designed specifically for working out at home. His content taps into his entire community’s needs (and beyond), from beginners to fitness fanatics—plus, no weights are needed and no goal set is unreachable. 

The downloadable fitness program bundle includes 9 workout videos, a nutrition plan, biweekly weigh-ins, and fitness examinations. Above the fact that Harris is able to share his expertise and positivity through his product, promoting on social media platforms such as Instagram has reaped insane success so far. 

The digital fitness bundle gives fans a sense of community in sharing their fitness journeys, tips and experiences together on social media. Harris and his fans are going through the same experience right now, so launching a digital product was the perfect way to adapt, stay fit, and keep connected. The Digital Launcher was everything he needed to make his gym, services and concept accessible to anyone.

We’re obsessed with the tenacity of this creator and everything he’s achieved (despite the obstacles) with determination to make his digital fitness program not only keep himself afloat, but support others. Thank you to Harris for sharing his story. Find Champsworth Online & Uncensored on Instagram, or head straight to his store.