Moriah x Rubik’s: A master class in creator and brand collaboration

In Creators, Insights by Accounts Amaze March 30, 2021
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On March 19, creator Moriah Elizabeth announced a surprise, never-been-done-before product launch: a fully customized Rubik’s cube. 

Now this is important for two reasons: First, it was the first-ever collaboration between a Spring creator and Rubik’s. And second, it generated an enormous response, becoming the most successful product Moriah has ever launched.

Let’s bring this back a bit. For those who don’t know, Moriah is a crafting genius with a YouTube channel of over 6 million followers. Late last year, a fan commented that Moriah should customize a Rubik’s cube. The comment blew up, eventually getting over 10,000 likes. 

It came at the perfect time. Funny enough, we were already in early talks with Rubik’s about partnering for creator collaborations. So with Moriah in mind, we locked in a licensing agreement. The terms were set, Moriah was in, and we went to work. 

First, we worked with Moriah to replicate her customized cube design. We then helped create an eye-catching promo video to amplify the launch, which got over 5 million views and over 80,000 comments. We created paid ads targeting her audience across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as a drip email campaign geared toward her fans on Spring. 

As for the result? Moriah sold 10,000 units within the first 72 hours of launch. 

The folks at Rubik’s were pleased, too. “When we saw the overwhelming reaction from Moriah’s fanbase, it was a no brainer to join forces with her and Spring,” says xxx, Rubik’s. “We’ve worked with the biggest designers and household names in the world, so we’re thrilled to step into the booming creator economy for the very first time with Moriah.”

Brand collaborations bring tremendous potential for creators, and this is just the start. As we think of it—partnerships like these go beyond the new normal; rather, we call it “the new possible.”