Selling photo filters with Spring

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze April 12, 2021

What is a photo filter/preset?

Great for photographers and popular with lifestyle, beauty, and fashion creators, photo filters (such as Lightroom presets) are ready-made photo enhancement settings that fans can apply straight to their images to emulate your signature style.

Why should I sell presets?

Apart from the fact that digital products and services represent 74% of all online sales, there are a number of additional benefits you will love.

  • High profit margins
  • Immediate launch
  • Suitable for all types of creators  
  • No inventory limits
  • Instant delivery to customers

Selling presets IRL

Sadie Aldis, a lifestyle and fashion creator, sold over 4,000 Lightroom presets in less than 6 months to her fans using Spring. The presets enable Sadie to connect and engage with her followers in a new way through their shared love of photography and creating beautiful Instagram feeds.  

Check out Sadie’s video below for the lowdown on how photo-filters work and how fans can use them after purchase.  

Ready to start?

Choose your favorite preset from our exclusive, unique preset catalog. Tell your Strategic Partner Manager which one you like and they will help you get set up.