Exclusively sell pins with Spring: how it works

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Pins are a fun way for fans to show their support and rep your brand. We’ll help you source and sell—see how easy it is to sell your own and get started.

Spring handles everything for you including inventory storage, listing creation, order fulfillment, delivery, and fan support. All you need to do is pay a $50 deposit, design your pin and begin your presale (you need to sell 100 pins in 30 days to reach minimum order quantity).

Please read through design requirements and instructions before submitting your pin project below.


1) Designing your pin

First, choose your pin type:

Soft enamel is our most popular pin type. Its defining characteristic is having colored paint recessed into the metal mold—giving the pins a dimensional look and textured feel fans love. These pins are a great option if you’re using simple designs with five colors or less.

This type of pin features enamel that is polished flat across the design surface. They’re produced by adding and baking each individual color separately on the pin. After all colors are added, the pin is polished to achieve its iconic smooth finish. These pins are a great option if you’re using simple designs with five colors or less.

File formatting and design guidelines

This part is super important. Before you submit your design, you should check that it complies with the file formatting tips below.

  • File types: JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .AI, .EPS,.PSD, .TIFF and .PDF design files.
  • File size: We recommend submitting high resolution files (300 DPI) with at least 2.5” x 2.5” (750 x 750 pixels) dimensions
  • Design complexity: A simpler, less detailed design works best.
  • Colors: Please use no more than 10 colors in your design. Submit designs only with block colors (no gradients or different transparencies).
  • Shape: Your design will be rejected if your pin features cut-outs—it needs to be a solid shape with no holes in the middle.

Choosing a size

The 1 inch option is the most popular size selection, however if your design features text or lots of details we may recommend choosing a larger size. Keep in mind, the larger the pin size, the more the base cost increases (which means your pin will need to be more expensive if you want to make a larger profit). 


We offer 16 different finishing options. You can choose from black, gold and silver. Your pin will feature a butterfly clutch backing. When your pins are fulfilled, they’ll be shipped in a clear polybag with an adhesive seal for protection.

2) How selling pins works

Pin pricing

Below is a price reference table. Please note these prices are not exact—they simply provide an indication of price range based on your pin size and quantity sold. Your pin’s base cost may be slightly lower or higher than the table based on how many you sell during your presale. The amount spent on the production of your pins (the base cost) will be deducted from your payout at the end of your campaign.

Here’s a breakdown of how the sourcing process works.

1) Submit request: Fill out the form with your pin characteristics and submit your request. We aim to process all requests within 24 – 48 business hours.

2) Receive your digital design file and pricing information—you’ll then be able to approve or reject.

3) Start selling: Pin production takes around 30-45 business days and inventory will be sent to our facility in the US. We’ll create product mockups for you and make sure to set the listing to ‘private’ so you can make it public and start selling when you’re ready. We can also send pins to you if you’d like to create promotional material or videos for the launch. 

3) Promoting your pin to reach 100 sales

Once you’ve set your pin listing to “public”, you’ll need to have plenty of promotional content prepared to ensure you reach 100 sales in 30 days. You can do that in a number of ways—

<siberian lizard promo examples> 

4) Pricing recommendations + fees

We’ll let you know what we think you should charge for your pin once your design is ready for you to approve. Spring charges a service fee which covers storing pin inventory (up to 60 days from last sale), creating product mockups, fulfilling orders, and handling customer service for you. Our service fee is 15% of the selling price (minimum $2). Normally pin retail prices range from $7 – $15. Pricing should depend on the a) base cost of your pins and b) how much you think fans will pay for this custom product.

For example, you source 1,000 pins with a base cost of $1.40 each. You pay $1,400 total. The selling price for each pin is $9.99 Spring’s fulfillment fee is $2. Therefore, your profit margin would be $9 (selling price) – $1.40 (base cost) – $2 (service fee) = $5.60 per pin. This means once you sell all your pins you keep $5,600 in profit.

Ready to go? Ensure you understand all of the design guidelines and begin submitting your pin project below.

5) Pin FAQs

A MOQ is the minimum number of units that need to be sold in order for us to start producing your product. For example, you need to sell at least 100 units to start pin production and generate earnings.

The non- refundable deposit covers the cost of creating digital mockups and the time spent on reviewing and quoting your project.

If after your 30-day campaign you have not sold 100 units (MOQ), we will need to notify your fans to cancel and refund their orders.

The entire pin process takes between 2 to 3 months. 30 days of pre-sale campaign, 30-45 days of production, 7-14 days of shipping to our facility. 

You’ll be able to pay out your profits as usual only after your pins have been fulfilled at our facility and shipped to your fans.