How utilizing fan’s selfies can increase sales

Social proof is an important marketing tool, especially when it comes to online shopping. Social proof normally includes user-generated content like customer testimonials, case studies, online reviews, etc.  Considering 84% of millennials are likely to be influenced into making a purchase based on user-generated content (social proof) it’s clear just how powerful social proof can be! 

Lots of creators incorporate social proof into their promotional efforts by collecting and sharing their community’s photos. Photos of fans wearing and using your products generate hype, as well as affirm the value and quality of the products you’re selling. This content also functions as positive reviews of your products. Sharing them is an engaging way of generating trust in your brand. Not only this, but it also brings your community together, leading to more sales in the future.

Check out our video and complete guide below for examples of how creators are using social proof to leverage more merch sales—get inspired and try them out for yourself.