Spread the love: Our shoutout to creators all month long!

In Creator success by Danielle Pederson February 7, 2024

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the month of February than by shouting out some of our absolute rockstar creators!

From killer designs to epic success stories, these creators taken their passions and turned them into dollar signs using Spring. Plus, they’ve been able to build tighter bonds with their communities through some seriously cool branded merch that fans can bring straight into their home.

Check them out below! 

Week 3: Give It Up For Epic Careers!

Max Randolph

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Meet Max Randolph, a visionary blacksmith who creates stunning metal sculptures and dynamic architectural pieces. For the past 20 years, Max has been unlocking the hidden possibilities of steel, blending artistry with craftsmanship. Fueled by his passion for creativity, he constantly pushes the boundaries of metalwork to bring his visions to life.

When Max embarks on a new project, his creations first come to life through captivating illustrations, capturing the essence of the craft that will later take shape in the forge. These handcrafted prints are unique originals, reflecting the dynamic energy and fluidity characteristic of Max’s metallurgical mastery.

Max has now added these captivating illustrations into an incredible lineup of products, which you can explore right here.

Tokyo Lens 

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Next up is Norm Nakamura, the creative force behind Tokyo Lens, a Japan-based YouTuber whose adventures have hooked nearly 1 million subscribers. Norm’s journey kicked off as an apprentice of the Yoshida Brothers, where he started documenting his daily life. But over time, his channel has become a vibrant hub showcasing Japan’s diverse culture and lifestyle.

From uncovering hidden villages to shining a spotlight on Japanese craftsmen, Norm’s videos offer a fresh take on life in Japan. With a passion for tiny apartments and unique experiences, Norm’s videos are always buzzing with energy. 

Norm has also expanded his brand with merchandise, including a custom plushie inspired by his beloved shamisen. This limited edition plushie celebrates Norm’s gratitude to the shamisen world that has shaped his journey in Japan. Check out all his merch here.

Shantel Tessier 

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Shantel Tessier is a bestselling romance and suspense author whose stories have captured readers worldwide. Shantel’s talent for crafting gripping plots and unforgettable characters has landed her on the USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestseller lists.

Outside of her writing career, Shantel is happily married to her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderfully supportive husband. When she’s not lost in the world of storytelling, Shantel loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book. She considers herself extremely lucky to pursue her passion while wearing pajamas.

Thanks to Spring, Shantel has been able to take her novels to the next level by putting moments and quotes on merch. Now, fans can bring their favorite stories to life in their own homes, adding a touch of magic to their everyday lives. It’s not just about the books—it’s about creating a community where fans can truly immerse themselves in Shantel’s world. See her collection here.

Week 2: Celebrating Love-Inspired Designs!

Going into the second week of February, we can’t get more love-filled than with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Take a look at some creators who launched some rockstar mech for the holiday and read about a creator with a story that will pull on your heart.

A Smiley Brand

You probably already know of our first highlight this week, A Smiley Brand, or better known as YouTube baddy Bobby Mares. Starting out as a musician combining music with technology to create a brand-new sound, he quickly graduated to making entertaining YouTube videos. 

Whether it’s his tags, challenges, or collaboration videos with popular stars like Kian Lawley, JC Caylen, and Franny Arrieta, this vlogger with a huge heart (don’t tell anyone he now has a gf) will capture yours. With over 700,000 subscribers and rapidly growing, his videos range from melting hearts to spooking the crap out of his audience with creepy moments in haunted locations. 

Being a vlogger isn’t enough for this guy, though, so he also rocks a clothing line called A Smiley Brand with merch that sports his famous logo. It’s perfect for V-Day and beyond.

Jimmy & Clarence

If you’re one of the few who haven’t broken your ribs laughing at the Jimmy and Clarence videos on TikTok, you’re in for a delight. Clarence is America’s funny AF labrador (also known as King Clarence) who speaks via Siri. The videos are from the dog’s POV and the writing is as smart as it is hilarious. Everyone’s favorite dead-pan dog quips about his “hooman” baby brother, his owner Jimmy and his Kim Jong Mom, his adventures at the vet (spoiler alert* he comes back without his manhood), and his faithful girlfriend (a stuffed dog). Check out his IG here

Official Jimmy and Clarence Merch is available at the JimmyandClarence store, your one-stop-shop for unique t-shirts, accessories, and more. All designs are inspired by the funniest, smoothest cat (erm Black Labrador) on the internet. And he just rolled out some King Clarence merch for Valentine’s Day. So load up on some puppy love.

Alex Kidd

Ready for a story that’ll tug at your heart strings? Enter our next creator Alex Kidd.

Alex started writing about beer and quickly took off. In May 2022 the father of two, attorney, stand up comedian, and beer enthusiast was diagnosed with several types of cancer and has been sharing his journey to recovery openly with his community. In an effort to help raise money for his ongoing treatment, childcare, and various other expenses, he relaunched his popular 2017 Barleywine Otter design and it has done amazingly well since his launch.

Alex explains the meaning behind the design:

“The otter is a nod to a special type of English malt ‘Maris Otter’ which is used to make Barleywine the best beer style in existence. Maris is the mascot for the massive barleywine following of Barleywine Is Life, a group I created in 2017 to celebrate this overlooked style. It now has thousands of members and annual competitions and lore.”

To go more in depth on Alex Kidd, his fascinating take on all things related to beer, and life in general, can be read here. For Valentine’s Day, spread the love and help Alex spread joy through beer. This V-Day, you can spread the love by grabbing some of Alex’s beer-inspired designs here

Week 1: Let’s Give It Up for Our Black Creators!

To kick things off, we’re shining a spotlight on our amazing black creators for Black History Month. These guys and gals aren’t just making waves – they’re making tidal waves in their communities! So, let’s dive in and get to know ’em a little better!

Tahir Moore

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First up, we’ve got the one and only Tahir Moore. This dude is a straight-up comedy genius! From stand-up to acting to hosting, he does it all – and he does it like a boss. And guess what? He’s been tearing it up on tour with some seriously big names, including D.L. Hughley, Lavell Crawford, Affion Crockett, and more. 

But here’s the real kicker – Tahir’s more than a comedy maestro, he’s also a savvy business man. He’s taken some of his viral moments online and turn them into merch designs that his fans can’t wait to buy. 

Check out his Spring store here for some seriously rad merch that will hit even harder if you’ve seen his comedy shows or take a peek at some of our favs below.

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Ashley Maurice 

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Next on our list is the one and only Ashley Maurice – a true chess master and all-around legend! At just thirty-three years old, Maurice made history by becoming the very first African American to snag the title of International Grand Master of Chess. Talk about breaking barriers!

Since that groundbreaking moment, Maurice has been spreading his love for chess far and wide. He’s not just a grandmaster – he’s also a three-time national championship coach, a published author, an ESPN commentator, and an absolute motivational powerhouse.

And guess what? Maurice isn’t content with just dominating the chessboard. Nope, he’s taken his passion and poured it into some seriously cool merch that’s as unique as he is. Check out his merch lineup below or hit up his store here for even more chess-tastic products.

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Real Men Teach

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Real Men Teach isn’t just some ordinary brand – it’s a full-blown movement! Their goal? To spread nothing but good vibes and positivity about of men of color working in the education system.

Founded by Curtis Valentine, Real Men Teach is all about making a real difference. They’re not just talking the talk – they’re walking the walk by hooking up male educators of color with scholarship funds and teaming up with schools, non-profits, and universities to shake up the way we see men of color in education.

But guess what? They’re not stopping there! Real Men Teach has gone all out by dropping their very own Spring store. And get this – every dime you drop on their gear goes straight to funding scholarships for male educators of color. Talk about putting your money where your heart is!

Their merch designs are inspired by historically Black institutions such as HBCUs and Greek-letter fraternities, serving as a powerful tribute to these legendary traditions.

Ready to show some love and rock some seriously meaningful threads? Dive into their entire store right here or peep some of their standout pieces below.

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Shante Fagans

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And last but totally not least, let’s give it up for the super talented Shante Fagans! Hailing from Detroit,​​ Shante is a total creative powerhouse. She’s got skills for days – dancing, snapping killer photos, changing lives as a natural hairstylist, and painting like nobody’s business.

In her artwork, Shante paints vivids portraits, typically showcasing individuals from the chest up against colorful backdrops. With bold colors, patterns, and funky accessories, each piece is a celebration of vibrancy and style. And there’s a signature touch too – her subjects often rock a killer red lip, just like Shante herself..

But here’s the really cool part – Shante’s taken her art game to the next level by turning it into a rad collection of products in her Spring store that are guaranteed to bring some serious flair to any space. 

Check out her store here or browse below. 

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Stay tuned for next week as we highlight even more incredible creators!