Spring Updates: Promo codes, quick add to cart, and more

In Creators by Jared Fowler October 10, 2022

Promo code banner

We’ve rolled out a new feature that will make active promo codes visible to all fans viewing your products.

No worries, you will be able to turn the banner on or off in the Promotions tab of your dashboard.

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Stores UI/UX

You will notice an updated look and feel to the store experience across mobile and desktop. These updates are already showing improved conversion rate results.

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Fan validation

Whenever you drive traffic to a listing or make a bunch of sales, a cool widget will appear calling the increase in engagement. This will drive FOMO within your community and further boost sales.

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Quick add to cart

Our most recent update to Stores is the Quick-Add-to-Cart feature. This is driving a 20% increase in products being added to cart for creators.

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Recommended products shelf

This new product shelf encourages fans to buy something else when adding a product to the their cart. Just another way we are helping you drive more sales on the Spring platform.