Updates to pricing

In Creators by Accounts Amaze September 26, 2022

Spring is constantly working to source the highest quality and most economically priced products for you and your fans.

Due to rising inflation and the ongoing global supply chain crisis, we need to increase some of our base prices in order to maintain quality products and services. 

What you need to do:

  • If you want to maintain your current profit margins, you must edit your product pricing
  • If you’re running any promotions, you must make sure your product is profitable at the discounted price.

If you do not take any action, Spring will automatically adjust the selling price up to the nearest $0.99 amount that ensures profitability (example below)

These changes will take effect September 27, 2022. You can see the example product and categories in the table below. You can also reference product pricing here.

What you can expect

As of September 27, 2022, cost changes will be applied to new product launches.

  • For affected products, the base cost will update once the product’s print cycle restarts (following a sale). 
  • After the base cost is updated, if any products have a negative profit margin, we’ll automatically update the selling price up to the nearest amount ending in $0.99 that ensures profitability (for example, if your product has a selling price of $15.00 but has a negative profit margin because of the update to the base cost, we’ll change the selling price to $15.99 to ensure a positive profit margin).
  • You’ll receive an email notification indicating the products that have been updated so you can make further changes if you like.

These base cost increases will enable Spring to continue offering key features and services like order processing, production, shipping and handling, not to mention our in-house support teams who love to assist you and your fans as illustrated below. 

Have questions? Reach out to creatorhelp@spri.ng anytime!