How to Use Spring’s Social Integrations to Boost Sales

In Uncategorized by Danielle Pederson April 18, 2023

On the surface, integrating social channels with your Spring store may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s dive further into why utilizing our social integrations is so valuable.  

Social media connects you to your fans. Social integration connects your fans to your products by giving them a direct link to your Spring store while they are engaging with you on your socials. It’s an effective way to build awareness of your brand, increase loyalty, and generate sales. 

Let’s look at why social integration is so important, how it works, some of the benefits, and even some tips. Ready? Here we go!

First off, what are social media integrations? 

Feel free to skip this section if you already know, but social integration is the process of connecting social media accounts with a website. Have you ever been on a website and seen little logos like Instagram or TikTok? That’s one way. Another way is to have links out to your site directly from your social accounts. Think of it as a two way highway.

What social integrations does Spring offer?

Spring makes it easy to connect your store to your socials and offers integrations for the following platforms:

If you want to connect your Spring store to any of the platforms above, simply click on them and we’ll walk you though how! Our social integrations only takes a few minutes to connect and can help you earn EIGHT to TWENTY times MORE than creators who aren’t using our integrations!

Why are our social media integrations important?

There is only so much you can do by mass mailing and begging on social media for people to spread the word about your products. And it gets expensive paying for ads. The main thing customers want (once they’re interested in a product) is convenience––that goes for shopping on their platform of choice, easy access to info on the product, and finally, what every creator wants––the purchase! Put simply, social media integration drives a LOT more traffic to your Spring Store.

Let’s examine a few reason why:

  1. Social Media Integration opens the door to building relationships with future customers. About 80% of consumers, after having a positive interaction on social media, are more open to buying from a brand. Customers are more likely to buy from you when they have an easy way to learn more about your services and products.
  2. Social Media Integration helps you track your engagement and brand’s reach. You want to know which posts drive the most engagement. How many likes and clicks did you get? How much traffic are you driving to your store and from which posts? Having this data helps you determine how to spend your time and resources in the most efficient way possible and most importantly, which content resonates with your audience the best. 
  3. Social Media Integration gives your Spring store greater reach. People who would never even know about your products now have an easy way to see what you have to offer––all because you included links to your Spring store on your social media accounts. 

At the end of the day, human nature doesn’t change. People are more likely to buy what they see. Your products will be more visible with social media integration. It allows you to connect your fans to your products without them having to search for them outside of your social channels. 

Social media integration tips

Before you do anything, make sure at least some of your social media accounts align with your mission, your voice, your brand, etc.––who you are, what you sell and why. This process will assist you in determining which content is most appropriate and which platforms are most relevant to your audience. 

  1. Call out your products. Make sure you are highlighting your products and letting fans know they exist! Just including a link with no context won’t help you. Draw attention to your designs and direct fans to where they can click to purchase.  
  2. Links. Make sure the links between your Spring store and social media pages are accurate and easy to use. Customers will give up on your social media presence if they have technical issues while clicking, or have trouble finding links. 
  3. Relevance. We get you need to be promotional and focus on your own products but the trap many fall into is not to point out how that actually benefits your audience; what they can gain from your products. Remember––it’s about them. How are your products relevant to them? Design your campaign in a way that will grab their attention. 
  4. Post regularly. Audiences are fickle. If they don’t see new content, they’ll move on. There isn’t one rule on how often, but stay consistent. Loyal customers will know when the next post is coming because you follow a reliable schedule. 

Social Media Integration is the best way to grow your business as a creator. If you need a refresher on how to do this, click here. Happy prospering! 

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