Tips for Creating Best Selling Pride Merch

In Design tips, News, Trend by Danielle Pederson May 12, 2023

We’re holding our first annual Pride Design Challenge—with prizes awarded to the best-designed Pride merch. 

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Contest is open to all creators—anyone can participate!
  • Challenge runs from 5/10 – 5/31 (winner announced 5/31)
  • Winner is chosen from a panel of our professional designers
  • Must use the word “Pride” in your product titles 
  • Prizes include:

Launch products that celebrate Pride Month to be eligible to compete and boost sales. [Stat amount] of Pride merch was bought last year!

Now let’s talk merch design! Pride Month is right around the corner. Here’s a refresher on tips for creating designs your fans will love:

  • Cater your message to your fans’ interests. “Pride Month” is a broad category. Which messaging will resonate with your fans, specifically? What is in line with your brand voice? You’ll want to have visuals and slogans that will speak to your fans’ interests. To determine what that is, interact with them directly on your socials, either through polls or by asking feedback in the comments––it helps build a relationship and makes fans feel like they helped create the merch that they are going to eventually buy.
  •  Get Inspired! This is the fun part! After determining your message, it’s time to execute. Check out our pride shop for inspiration and ideas. If you’re having “designer’s block,” you can find a designer to create for you. For top-quality designs that are affordable, check out the professional design services being offered exclusively to Spring creators.[link] Be sure to explain what you want in a clear way and provide as many details as possible (such as your aesthetic, preferred font style, color scheme, etc). 
  • Choose the products that will best showcase your design. Once your designs are finalized, you’ll need to place them on products! What will look good? Is your design big and bold, best for a t-shirt or hoodie? Or is it small and simple and best for a hat or tumbler? Lastly, which products will actually be useful to your fans during Pride Month? Tees and pendants are great for events and marches. Spring has an expanded catalog of products for you to choose from! Be sure to order a sample, so you can see the product the way your customers will and then you can use that sample to promote your merch to your fans in social content. 
  • Start selling! Creating and selling merch is the key to creator success and with Spring, these steps are easy. If you want tips on how to generate more sales, check out our blog on creating and selling merch

Give your fans merch that showcases their Pride. When your brand is in line with their values, customers become loyal fans that generate revenue for you while spreading the word about your brand. 

Let’s get this Pride Design Challenge started!