12 ways to increase sales on Twitch

Twitch’s 15 million+ daily active viewers and massively engaged audience makes it the perfect place for streamers to promote their products. Plus you’ll get even more out of the platform using our powerful integrations; the Twitch Merch Store Panel Extension provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience and our Streamlabs integration enables buyers to create personalized merch alerts post-purchase that are visible to you and all viewers on stream. 

Don’t forget Teespring is one of the only platforms that enables you to create subscriber-exclusive merch for Twitch too. Whether shoppers access your products through the panel extension or your merch store, they’ll have to verify their subscriber status to purchase these exclusive products. This can be a good tactic for increasing subscriber count while driving sales through limited edition products.

Learn about the top 12 ways streamers are promoting and selling merch on Twitch in the video below. Pick and choose your favorite tactics or use them all to supercharge your sales. Don’t forget to check out Teespring’s complete promo guide for in-depth details and real-world examples of these tips in action. Complete Twitch promo guide.