Welcome, Rodrigo Velloso

In Creators by Accounts Amaze September 21, 2022

Spring is thrilled to announce that Rodrigo Velloso has joined the company as our first ever Vice President of Creator Success – a new role established to cement Spring’s commitment to the creator community. With creators at the core of all business operations and strategy, his main focus will be to ensure Spring creators successfully engage, grow, activate, monetize and authentically connect with their communities by using the platform.

Rod’s experience and track record of success in establishing and sustaining relationships with strategic partners and content creators alike will be an asset to Spring’s leadership team. He has led teams across several multi-international corporations, including Google, YouTube, Redbubble, Roblox and Twitter, whereby his roles have largely focused on content and partnerships within the general creator economy space.

As VP of Creator Success, he will be responsible for the continued success of Spring’s users and the business in delivering its value proposition to creators and other strategic partners. Rodrigo will be instrumental in organising the Spring team and resources to make certain creators achieve their objectives, across areas of creator management, success, support and growth. As VP of Creator Success, Rodrigo will look to maintain and expand the distance between creators’ needs and the platform’s capabilities, where Spring is always one step ahead.

Here’s some more about him in his own words: 

What led you to Spring?
Rod: What brought me to Spring was the opportunity to take-on a creator-centric leadership role at a creator-centric, late-stage startup that has great traction, outstanding creator and platform partners, incredible potential to scale and a visionary leadership team. Chris Lamontagne has built an incredibly solid foundation for the business since I first worked with him in 2018 and brought in an accomplished commerce platform leader to take it to the next level in Annelies Jansen. I’m excited to join them on our mission to take Spring to the next level.

What will your new role as VP of Creators encompass?
Rod: As VP of Creator Success, my primary role is to ensure that Spring creators accomplish their evolving fan community development objectives using the Spring platform. Creators today want to engage, retain, grow, activate, monetize, delight and authentically connect with their communities. The physical and digital products, services and content they provide are all key elements of those relationships. Creators want increasingly sophisticated capabilities to address those opportunities in ways that are innovative, differentiated, integrated, fan-friendly and sustainable. My role is to keep Spring’s finger on the pulse of creator needs and requirements and work with mine and other teams at the company to make sure that we are responding to creators to the best of our ability and staying ahead of their needs. A key part of that, for which I’m excited to take responsibility, are Springs creator platform integration partnerships with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch as well as creator tools and services partnerships we are developing and excited to announce soon.

What is your vision for Spring in the long-run?
Rod: I believe that branded clothing, adornments and objects are the among most tangible and meaningful connections that can be forged between creators and their communities. They are also building blocks of the bonds formed among community members which, in turn, attract others to the community. We all want to belong and merch has always been a big part of our cultural symbolism of community (long before it was called merch). So, my vision for Spring is that we are building the world’s first and best creator community building and monetization platform. To me, that’s the natural evolution of creator commerce and the logical next step of Spring’s journey as a business.