Spring Updates: SpringScore, social shelf, and more

In Creators, News by Danielle Pederson September 22, 2022

We are heads down here at Spring making improvements to the platform, and so we wanted to share some of the recent updates.

We aren’t stopping here though, and are always listening to your feedback, so keep an eye out for more exciting updates over the coming weeks as we head into the holiday season.


springscore.spri.ng Find out how much you could be earning on Spring using the brand new SpringScore calculator. It takes less than a minute!

Find out your SpringScore.

Promo codes

You can now simply create and activate a promo code right after you’ve launched a new listing. Promote your products and drive more sales in a couple of clicks!

Check it out by launching a new listing.

Create a promo code for your store.

Social shelf

We’ve made it even easier to start selling on social platforms using our powerful integrations. You will find these cards pointing you in the right direction, on the dashboard and straight after you launch a new product listing.

Go to your dashboard here.

Create button

Look for the big blue button. This is your new gateway to create products both on desktop and mobile.

Create products here.


We’ve added a bunch of new products for you to customize and have made it easier to access the best sellers and latest additions. More products coming soon!

Create products here.