The custom domain you never knew you needed for your brand… until now.

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze December 2, 2020

As the constantly evolving leader in creator commerce, we’re introducing another way to give your community the best experience possible. By connecting a custom domain, you’re quite literally levelling up your brand. Here’s why.

Enhance your brand identity

A custom domain provides your community with a seamless, fully branded experience. Consistency is key—your brand is already ‘legit’, but a custom store URL allows you to really start owning a space for your products that you can be proud of. Connecting your own domain means fans needn’t leave your website to visit your store, making everything discoverable in one place.

Making a lasting impression for every single fan that lands on your storefront is crucial, creating seamless pathways between your social platforms and store. Above all, the aim is for you and your content to stand out and look flawlessly professional.

Put yourself on the map 

This new feature bumps up your rankings on search engines, making it easy for your community to find your store, as well as revisit it. Plus, having your unique domain encourages trust. Fans are more likely to click on your promotional campaigns if they’re able to draw a clear connection between you and your store. 

Choosing a domain for your store

Choosing a domain name is easy and it’ll be an obvious choice for most creators. If that’s not you, there’s just one rule—consistency is key. Make sure your domain reflects your identity and online brand across all your other platforms. Think about the name your fans know you by. It’s important to use wording they will recognize right away. What’s the easiest name for your fans to type into their search bar and remember? 

For example, if your Instagram social handle is @TheCreator and your YouTube URL is, your domain name should be

Find out how to connect a custom domain to your store by visiting the custom domain guide or head straight to the stores section of your dashboard to get started.