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Create with Spring. Sell on Instagram.Create with Spring. Sell on Instagram.
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Create with Spring.

Sell on Instagram.

This platform integration enables creators to engage their fans and sell their products directly on Instagram.

How it works

Select creators are now able to open their own Instagram shop featuring their Spring products. Visit your Instagram profile and tap "Add Shop" to see if you have been selected.


Earn more money

Through the new Creator Incentive Program, you can earn $50,000 from Spring products you sell through your Instagram Shop—on top of the profit you’re already making.

Get an Instagram shop

Easily showcase and sell your Spring products directly to fans within the app.


Create shoppable content

When you add a shop to your profile you can tag products in your posts, stories, reels, and more.

Access a new suite of tools

Feature products, customize your shop, gather insights and more.




 The ability for creators to open a shop on Instagram with Spring will gradually roll out to eligible US creators by the end of the year. If you received an email from Instagram, you’re eligible now. 


You can also check your eligibility in the app: If you have a professional account (business or creator account), tap the “Add Shop” button on your profile, then “Get Started”. If you see Spring as an option under “Import Products,” then you are eligible to open a shop with your existing Spring products. If eligible, you will also see the option to “Design Products”, which enables you to create a new Spring account, start designing your products with Spring and sell on Instagram.


If you aren’t eligible at this time, continue to check back as we gradually roll out access to a larger group of  US creators by the end of the year.


Look for the Add Shop button on your profile. If you already have products to sell on Spring, you can link your existing account in the Instagram app. If you don’t yet have products, you can create your account with Spring directly in the Instagram app or on Spring’s website and start designing your products.


Designing with Spring is free. Spring simply deducts the item’s base cost from your profits when you make a sale. You can set your own prices to get the profit you deserve. Items sold through your shop on Instagram are also subject to a 5% fee, deducted from your total item price. Instagram is waiving this fee for all sellers until June 30, 2022.


Not to worry! There are a few reasons the add shop button might not be displayed. Try the following fixes:

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version in your app store
  • Switch to a creator account (Settings, account, switch account type, switch to creator account)
  • Check the “Creator” sections of your settings if you have switched to a creator account and select “set up instagram shopping”

These features are still being rolled out to eligible creators. We’ll share more when all creators have access to Shops on Instagram with Spring. 


Product tags allow creators to highlight products from their catalog across content in feed, stories, Reels, IGTV, and Live, so people can learn more and make a purchase. Creators can also highlight products in post captions and in their bios with Product Mentions.


To tag products within an Instagram post, start by uploading a photo as you normally would and follow the below instructions before posting:

Tap “Add Photo”

Add a caption

Tap on “Tag Products”

Tap on photo

Search for product

Select product

Tap “Done”

Tap “Share


Right after you have chosen an image for your story follow the below instructions before posting:


Tap the sticker icon in the top right corner

Select the product sticker from the sticker tray

Select the product from your catalog that you want to feature

Move the product sticker to where you would like it to appear on your story

Change the text color of the product sticker by tapping the sticker

Share your story


Create your reel.

Tap Next.

Select a cover image and add a caption. 

Tap “Cover” and slide the image at the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Tag Products” and select the product(s) or collection you’d like to feature.

Tap “Done”.

Tap “Share” to publish your reel.


You can control which products appear in your shop via the “Add Products to Shop” button, where you will select which products you want to appear in your shop. Products are displayed in order of relevance to your customers and will be optimized for maximum sales.


Products can take a few hours to populate from Spring into Instagram. From there, Instagram has to review products for compliance with Facebook Commerce Policies. This standard process usually takes a few hours but can take up to 24hrs.


Physical goods with a delivery SLA of 28 days or less can be sold through the integration. Digital products and pre-orders are not eligible for the integration at this time.


Yes! You can tag products in posts, stories, live and reels! Just select “tag products” from the screen before sharing your content. Be sure to wear your products in your content when tagging products!


All orders and customer service inquiries will be handled by Spring. To follow Instagram’s Seller Performance and Accountability Policies, Spring will be required to respond to these inquiries quickly and attempt to resolve issues within 2 business days. Please contact with any inquiries or questions.


Spring only shares data about your products in your catalog!