7 Tips to Help You Master Brand Deal Negotiations

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just getting started, partnering with brands is an important step in monetizing your brand. Whether you’re aiming to utilize strategies like product gifting, paid product collaboration, press trips, or giveaways (if you’re not familiar with these, this is a blog for another time), we can help you navigate the […]

Creator success — Sep 15, 2023

How to take the best product photos for your socials

We are now in the era of social commerce. Product photos are as important now as ever. It really is the deciding factor on whether someone clicks on your post––or not. But as always, Spring has your back. While you can’t do custom product photos on Spring (yet), you’ll want to order a sample so […]

Creator success, Design tips — Sep 12, 2023

5 Powerful Strategies for Promoting Your Fall Merch in 2023

Now that you’ve selected your fall products and designed and launched your merch, it’s time to promote your seasonal collection!  How you promote your fall products and apparel can determine how much traffic you bring to your store and how many sales you make. We’ve gone ahead and outlined the best strategies our top performing […]

Creator success — Sep 6, 2023

How to Generate Multiple Revenue Streams as a Creator

Many creators dream about quitting their day jobs and being able to earn enough money through their content. But very few actually can. Only 12% of full-time creators earn more or around $50K a year, while 46% make less than $1K a year. However, don’t let those numbers discourage you. If you take the time […]

Creator success — Sep 5, 2023

Launching Successful Fall Merch: A Comprehensive Guide

Crafting fall merchandise that resonates with buyers is no simple feat. Many creators struggle with what to design, what colors to use, and how to remain true to their brand while tapping into the fall spirit. To help you out, we’ve outlined the best strategies and fall trends our top creators lean into in order […]

Creator success, Design tips — Aug 31, 2023

Content Creation Revolution: 10 Essential AI Tools You Can’t Miss

Artificial Intelligence. It’s here. Is it the next great invention or dawn of the apocalypse? No matter your feelings on AI, there are some ways you can use it to your advantage. It’s not quite as proficient as talented humans (yet), but here are 10 of the best AI tools you can use if you’re […]

Creator success, Design tips — Aug 29, 2023

Cracking the Fall merch code: Secrets to finding fall products and apparel fans will love!

Creators who can capture the essence of fall in products and apparel can connect with their audience in a meaningful and stylish way–and make a lot of money.

Creator success, Design tips — Aug 24, 2023

How to Attract Brands as a Creator

According to recent data, about 70% of influencers in the U.S. report collaborations with brands as their top income stream. On Instagram, partnering with a brand can bring in anywhere from $10 to $5,000+ per post. Sounds great, right? The most successful influencers are those who consistently collaborate with other brands, but the current landscape […]

Creator success — Aug 22, 2023

Designing Viral Merch: The Art of Leveraging Trends and Connecting with Fans

In an era where an innocuous TikTok video blows up in a day, finding the recipe for viral success seems like searching for the Holy Grail, but equipped with the right information, your next product launch could be viral in no time.

Creator success — Aug 16, 2023

The Fall Merch Design Challenge is ON

Embrace Fall vibes and launch seasonal merch to compete in our Fall Design Challenge! Winners receive $1000 in merch samples and a social media shoutout!

Design contest — Aug 14, 2023

How To Connect & Collaborate With Other Creators

In today’s climate, it’s becoming increasingly more important for creators to collaborate with other brands, influencers and content creators. Why go it alone when working with others might be more fun? And more than that, it’s definitely more effective. But first… What is content collaboration and what are the benefits? When two or more people […]

Creator success — Aug 10, 2023

Trending Merch for Summer 2023

Summer is sizzling and new trends have arrived. We know you want to keep sales flowing throughout the season, so check out the top trending products we’re seeing this summer below. You can also jump straight to our summer collection here! 1. Tank Tops. Whether a classic, premium, women’s flowy tank, or women’s racerback tank, […]

Creator success, Design tips, Insights, Trend — Aug 4, 2023

Amaze and TikTok Unite to Empower Creators, Ignite Earnings, and Redefine Online Shopping Possibilities

CALIFORNIA, June 22nd, 2023 – Amaze Software. Inc, the world’s leading creator commerce platform, and parent company of the Amaze, Spring, and Outfts platforms, joins forces with TikTok, the globally renowned video sharing platform to unveil an integration that revolutionizes the way content creators monetize their TikTok presence. This collaboration empowers creators to effortlessly sell […]

Uncategorized — Jun 23, 2023

Amaze acquires Outfts and leaps into the next generation of commerce and creator monetization tools.

CALIFORNIA, June 1st, 2023 – Amaze Software, Inc., The worlds leading creator commerce platform, and parent company of Amaze and Spring platforms, today acquired Outfts, an innovative creator hub that empowers creators to own their audiences and develop new income streams. The addition of Outfts technology will enable Amaze to provide creators with additional tools […]

Creator success, Creators, News — Jun 1, 2023

How to Design Trendy Summer Merch

Summer is rapidly approaching and it’s time to get your summer merch ready! We’re talking totes, slides, tees, tanks, you name it!.   The following is a solid list of guidelines for creating trendy summer merch: Color palettes. Unless you live somewhere chilly (like Alaska), or are a surfer (see below), go minimal with black. Summer […]

Creator success, Design tips — May 18, 2023
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Tips for Creating Best Selling Pride Merch

We’re holding our first annual Pride Design Challenge—with prizes awarded to the best-designed Pride merch.  Here’s the lowdown: Contest is open to all creators—anyone can participate! Challenge runs from 5/10 – 5/31 (winner announced 5/31) Winner is chosen from a panel of our professional designers Must use the word “Pride” in your product titles  Prizes […]

Design tips, News, Trend — May 12, 2023

The Value of Having a Custom Domain

Why is it so valuable to have a custom domain for your store? Before we dive in…let’s take a step back. What is a custom domain?  Most every social media campaign has a link leading the user somewhere to do something (usually to buy merch). That link is a web address, or URL. Whether it’s […]

Creator success — May 10, 2023
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How to create the perfect logo for your brand

Think of a logo as a promise your brand makes to your customers, followers, and fans. Why? Your logo is making a visual statement about who you are as a brand. It better be an accurate representation! How many famous brands do you recognize just by the logo? Most, if not all. That’s because a […]

Creator success, Design tips — May 2, 2023

Earning made easier: Spring’s Q1 investments enable greater creator success

This year, Spring is investing heavily in the success of our creators. We want you to maximize your income by doing what you love best.   To help you along your journey, we’ve made significant changes in Q1 that make creating, launching, promoting, and selling merch easier than ever. What’s more, these improvements are just the […]

Creator success, News — Apr 26, 2023
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How to Use Spring’s Social Integrations to Boost Sales

On the surface, integrating social channels with your Spring store may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s dive further into why utilizing our social integrations is so valuable.   Social media connects you to your fans. Social integration connects your fans to your products by giving them a direct link to your Spring store while they […]

Uncategorized — Apr 18, 2023

How to Design & Promote Mother’s Day Merch

It’s almost time to celebrate mom, which means your fans are looking for ways to celebrate mom, too! Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday, May 14th, and it’s a golden opportunity for creators to capitalize on excess consumer spending. Did you know that according to the National Retail Federation, expected Mother’s Day spending totaled […]

Creator success — Apr 13, 2023