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Amaze Unveils Store Drop: Seamlessly Integrate Your Spring Store with Your Website in One Click!

June 20, 2024 — Amaze, an all-in-one, end-to-end creator commerce solution is thrilled to unveil Store Drop—a groundbreaking feature designed to seamlessly integrate any Spring store anywhere that supports HTML with just one click. Store Drop empowers creators to effortlessly showcase their products across multiple digital landscapes, maximizing their reach and boosting sales without any […]

New Features, News, Promoting merch, Spring store tips — Jun 25, 2024
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Just Added: T-Shirts from Leading Apparel Names Your Fans Will Love!

Big news! We’ve just launched some super popular T-shirt options from well-known apparel leaders on our platform—names your fans recognize for their quality. These tees offer top-notch fit, comfort, and durability. Check out our three new T-shirt options below, all known for their trendy styles and lasting quality. Stay tuned—there are more awesome options on […]

New Products — Jun 11, 2024
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Unlock More Sales on Spring with These Product Design Tips

Ready to create hot-selling products on Spring and work smarter, not harder? We’ve got you!  Below we get into the best practices and tools that can help you turn your creative ideas into real-life products that capture attention and drive sales. Level Up with Top Design Tools When you’re aiming to make your mark online, […]

Creator success, Design tips, Launching products — May 15, 2024
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Unlocking Creator Potential: How Spring’s Creator-Centric Model is Redefining the Landscape

Spring by Amaze is transforming the way creators engage with their audiences and monetize their content. Every creator on our platform receives a free online store with its own URL, where they can customize and sell over 180 physical and digital products. We empower creators to develop and expand their brands while we handle all […]

Creator success, News — May 2, 2024
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Build Your Brand: How to Get Your Spring Store Its Own Domain 

Securing a custom domain for your Spring store can level up your brand’s game and make your Spring store seem more trustworthy to your fans. And Spring makes it easy! You can either buy a domain directly from Spring or connect one you purchased elsewhere.  But before we get into that, what exactly is a […]

Creator success, Growing your brand, Spring store tips — Apr 26, 2024
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Creative Ways to Use Product Samples to 3x Your Sales

You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating some killer product designs (if you missed this step, read how here!), but now comes the real challenge: getting the word out there and making sales.  Thankfully, using samples of your products in your content is an easy way to do that! In fact, Spring creators who […]

Creator success, Promoting merch — Apr 18, 2024
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How to Score More Brand Deals With a Killer Media Kit

Have you ever wondered what makes some content creators stand out from the crowd while others blend into the background? Here’s the secret: it’s all about the media kit! Your media kit is key to forming exciting brand partnerships, streamlined collaboration processes, and a seriously polished professional image. Sure, your follower count might already turn […]

Creator success — Apr 9, 2024
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7 Ways to Earn More Money on Spring

Spring makes it easy for you to create products and make money selling them. However, many of our users struggle to make even one sale. If that’s you, or you believe you’re not getting as many sales as you should, don’t sweat it! Check out the steps below to learn the secrets to creating and […]

Creator success, Design tips, Launching products, Promoting merch — Apr 5, 2024
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10 Must-Have Products to Add to Your Store This Spring

Now that winter is behind us, it’s the perfect time to amp up your sales with some seriously hot springtime products. These 10 must-haves aren’t just any old items – they’re the ones that your fans are craving as the weather starts to warm up. And here’s the best part: by adding them to your […]

Creator success, Launching products — Mar 28, 2024
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Design Hot-Selling Springtime Products That Resonate with Your Unique Following!

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to capitalize on seasonal sales by adding springtime designs to your product lineup.  There are a few ways you can bring the season into your designs while staying true to your brand. Read our top suggestions below! 1. Splash of spring colors No need to reinvent […]

Uncategorized — Mar 22, 2024
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How to Leverage Your Following to Create Buzz for Your Merch Drop

Ready to turn your following into some serious cash? Selling your own branded merch is an easy way to do that and also helps you build a deeper connection with your fans. And guess what? If you’ve got a big or super-engaged following, you’re already halfway there!  All that’s left to be done is get […]

Uncategorized — Mar 15, 2024

7 Creative Ways to Use Short-Form Videos to Boost Merch Sales

Short-form videos are taking the stage across social media.  They have the power to go viral, increase engagement, captivate audiences, and best of all, get your sales to shoot through the roof when you use them to show off your merch! Sometimes it’s a good idea to get a visual for how much of a […]

Creator success, Promoting merch — Feb 21, 2024
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How To Turn Viral Moments Into Hot-Selling Merch

Going viral is one of the best things that can happen to content creators. Not only does it boost your followers and make you internet-famous, but it can also fill your wallet—especially if you know how to turn that moment into awesome merch. So, if you have content that blew up or got tons of […]

Creator success, Design tips — Feb 9, 2024
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Spread the love: Our shoutout to creators all month long!

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the month of February than by shouting out some of our absolute rockstar creators! From killer designs to epic success stories, these creators taken their passions and turned them into dollar signs using Spring. Plus, they’ve been able […]

Creator success — Feb 7, 2024
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How to relaunch your listings

We’ve made some awesome improvements to our platform to make it easier than ever to design, launch, and promote your merch. But as we move to a more dynamnic system, some listings will need to be relaunched in order to stay active. Read through the blog below for step-by-step instructions to learn how to identify […]

Creator success — Feb 5, 2024
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10 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following in 2024

If you’ve never been initiated into the world of Instagram and/or are unaware of its significance, let us put this in perspective: 80% of businesses report that they use the platform to promote their businesses and/or products! That’s one way to know what’s working in the marketplace! If it works for big businesses, it can […]

Creator success, Grow your following — Jan 31, 2024

Creative Ways To Sell More Merch in 2024

As we step into 2024, it’s the perfect time for you to reassess your merch strategies so that you can turn Spring into one of your top revenue streams. Below, you’ll find the top ways creators like yourself have been successful in promoting their merch to increase their sales: Tip 1: Order Samples Did you […]

Creator success — Jan 24, 2024
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5 Ways to Use This Valentine’s Day to Connect With Your Audience

Now that the Holidays are over, we’re hurtling toward Valentine’s Day. Can you believe it?! Our data from the last couple seasons shows that just designing for V-Day alone is not as effective as combining that effort with using this holiday as an opportunity to connect with your audience. Not everyone is into V-Day, we […]

Creator success — Jan 18, 2024
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New Year, New You: Refresh Your Top Hits for a Profitable 2024

And just like that…2024 has begun! Let’s make it a profitable one! Sure, easy to say, but how do you execute? We’re here to help with some tips, of course! Success comes from consistency over time, such as a regular drip of new products. One proven strategy involves the interweaving of new products with refreshed […]

Creator success — Jan 11, 2024

Amaze’s year-end celebration: A toast to our creator’s successes!

This year marked a period of major growth and transformation, not only for Amaze but for the remarkable creators we’ve teamed up with. From expanding our product catalog to witnessing powerful creator success stories, we’ve seen how Amaze isn’t just a collection of platforms – it’s a powerhouse for monetization and brand development in the […]

Creator success, Insights, News — Dec 29, 2023

How to crowdsource killer merch designs on social media

If you want to succeed as a creator, then learning how to tap into your fans’ desires is key. By crowdsourcing design ideas for your products–meaning, asking your fans what designs they want you to make, rather than just anything you think up on your own–you’re not just crafting merch; you’re building a direct connection […]

Creator success, Design tips, Insights — Dec 27, 2023