Quality overhaul + pricing update

In News by Accounts Amaze August 3, 2021

Important news: Quality overhaul and price update. Here’s what it means for your store and fans moving forward.

We’ll get right to it—we’ve had to increase prices on some products. 

You’ve been forthright in asking us to improve product quality, and that became a major priority for us. So we went heavy on those areas. We’ve tried to hold off on increasing costs as long as possible, but it’s no longer feasible. So after lots of deliberation, we knew it was time to bump up our prices. We’ll explain why.

For one, costs have gone up significantly worldwide for things like raw materials and transportation, especially in the last two years. On top of that, we’ve invested heavily into improving product quality and production. Last year alone, we spent $1.6 million to enhance quality, both internal and external: We’ve upgraded fabric quality on core products, procured more advanced production equipment, made multiple hires to support quality checks, and more. And for those two reasons, we’ve had to increase prices on some of our products. Below you can see just a few of the upgrades we’ve made, and there’s still many more to come. We’ll keep you posted on all that, of course. So expect good things. 

Ultimately, it’s all about providing the best possible product quality for your fans, improving their shopping experience, and ensuring you can maintain great profit margins. 

In the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your support, for your hustle, and for continuing to inspire us. 

Updated price chart

As you’ll notice, prices have changed for many products. Again, this is not only due to the quality upgrades we’ve mentioned, but a direct result of worldwide cost increases in raw materials and product transport. We’ve adjusted the recommended retail price to account for this new update and to help you maintain the profit margins you’re used to seeing.

Digital product pricing

With this update, digital product pricing will also be impacted—our processing fee will change from 10% to 20%. Despite these changes, we’re still keeping prices super competitive. Check out this blog post on why we’re still the top platform to sell digital products.

How to adjust selling prices

We recommend updating your selling prices before the update takes effect on August 31, 2021. This way you’ll be able to set the exact profit margin you want. Please keep in mind any promo codes you’ve created—you’ll want to ensure you’ve got enough margin to support the discount you’re offering.  You can edit prices instantly within the “Listings” section of your Spring account at any time. 

Important note: Once the new pricing updates go live on August 31st, promo codes will not be redeemable on listings that are not profitable. Also, any listings that are not profitable will become inactive once orders are processed—you will need to increase the profit margin of the products in the listing before reactivating it. Learn more here.

Need help with setting prices? First, check out our new recommended retail prices (RRP) for each product type in the table above. To adjust pricing, head to the Listings section of your Spring dashboard. Go into “Listing Details” next to the listings you want to edit, then edit the prices. Be sure to save your changes before you exit the page.