Go big, go digital: Why Spring is the #1 platform for selling digital products

In Digital by Accounts Amaze August 16, 2021

Over 50,000 creators are already selling digital products with Spring—here’s why.

Digital products are taking over, fast. For one, you can create nearly anything (most folks have a digital product already designed, yet aren’t aware). And two, profit margins are huge.

But the best part? All you have to do is create a product and upload to the launcher—we’ll take care of everything else. Here’s some other benefits:

  • It’s so easy for fans. After they purchase, they’ll get the product in their inbox within minutes. No shipping, no wait times. 
  • Sell more digital products and drive tons of traffic through our integrations like the YouTube merch shelf, Linktree, and more.  
  • We’ve got creator and fan support teams to offer help whenever you need it.

No listing fees, no subscriptions

That’s right—there are zero upfront costs when you launch a digital product with us. Just choose the profit you want to earn and you’re good to go. We’ve also included additional features below, so you can see how Spring stacks up with other platforms. 

Spring pricing structure as of August 31

Remember, our fees are built into the base cost of the product, so they’re only deducted if you make a sale. And you choose your exact profit for each digital product. Click here to learn more about product pricing.

Ready to get started?

Check out these free tools and resources.

  1. Social integrations: With our powerful integrations like the YouTube merch shelf, Linktree store, and others, your fans can shop your products directly from your social accounts and channel.
  2. Free digital product templates: Not a designer? No problem. Use these free, customizable templates to create your high-quality digital products. 
  3. Free product mockups + promotional hacks: Once your product’s ready, create eye-catching content from these tools and templates to help promote them.  
  4. Digital product inspiration: Needing some product ideas? Here are some of the coolest digital products our creators have made on Spring.