Creating your first digital product

Did you know you can sell digital content and designs as digital products with Spring?  Creators are selling photo filters, e-books, mobile wallpapers, and more from their Spring store.

You can easily enhance your store with digital products. We have plenty of inspirational content and tools available to help you succeed. Continue reading to learn about the most popular digital products creators are selling on Spring. For specifications and guidance on each digital product, check out our 2021 Digital Catalog

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Digital wallpapers

Digital wallpapers are a great product to begin with. Fans can download and use your image files to personalize home screens on their devices such as phones, desktops, Apple watches or tablets. 

Consider providing a variety of designs and sizes for multiple devices in bundles to increase your profits per sale, as well as incentivise purchases. Check out Atomic Mari’s wallpaper design below.

Bonnie and Liam, and Jenny all re-use their existing physical product designs by applying them to digital products. You’ll be ready to start selling once you’ve inserted your designs mock-up templates to create your listing preview images on Placeit. 

Digital artwork

Turn your most popular designs and art into digital artwork you can sell. Digital artwork is ideal for fans to decorate homes, offices, or events. Fans can instantly download their purchases which saves a bundle on shipping and let’s them enjoy your products right away.

Format your artwork file for high-quality printing on a larger scale, including a variety of size options so they’ll fit any space. Ensure your digital artwork files have a high resolution of at least 300dpi. Create preview images for your listing like Daily Connoisseur below to show how your artwork will look once printed. There are plenty of templates you can use on Placeit perfect for showcasing your digital artwork. There are also tons of other opportunities for creators to utilize their artistic talents. Find out more here.

E-books and e-comics

There are plenty of free online e-book building tools you can use to create the perfect layout for your content, check out free e-book building templates on Canva. 

Pinpoint a specific type of content your followers engage with and use images and writing you’ve already got archived. Present the best pages of your product in your listing by putting them into an easy mock-up template using Placeit. Bonnie offers a Swimsuit poses guide for fans to follow for creating content, and Nutritional Sarah sells recipe e-books with simple tutorials her TikTok community can follow. 

Photo filters

Photo filters are a quick and easy way for your community to enhance their photos and Instagram feed aesthetic. Simply create a customized photo filter or preset using tools like Lightroom for your fans to apply to their images on mobile or desktop.

Provide instructions in your listing description so fans can start using your product after downloading. Utilize image collaging apps such as Canva or Layout so you can provide product preview images that show ‘before and after’ the filter has been applied. Check out Sadie Aldis’s Full of light preset below. 

Documents and gated content

Get fans excited about your digital products by offering exclusive items. From courses and guides to sharing a series of tutorial videos on dropbox, there are no limits to the kind of digital material you can offer. Art with Flo sells downloadable illustration brushes fans can use on Procreate to use for their own creations. Create images for your listing easily by using templates on Placeit.

Coloring books

Coloring books are a simple and easy digital product choice for creators who focus on artistic content. Bring your drawings and designs to life with these fun print out sheets, or alternatively fans can import them into coloring apps and complete them using their own palettes. 

Easily transform your drawings and images into coloring sheets by removing the color. Use Adobe programmes such as Illustrator and Photoshop and export your pages as PDFs. Popular free online tools that don’t require software include Pixlr or Gravit. For inspiration, check out the Simon’s Cat’s coloring book.

Digital planners

A great free tool for creating digital calendars and planners is the free Keynote app available on Apple. There are lots of tutorials you can find online for making your product interactive, too. Using this app, create interactive documents or export your file as a PDF for printing. Check out graphic designer and illustrator Ashley Acevedo’s vibrant digital planner below.

Audio files

Audio digital products are perfect for musicians, music artists and songwriters. Upload tracks, singles, mixes and jingles for fans to listen and enjoy on their devices. Effective mobile templates on Placeit to create the perfect product image for your listing. You display your album cover, a book cover with a play button (to make it clear it’s an audio file), or a phone with sound waves behind a phone mock-up to demonstrate a ringtone. 

Check out Lady Tina’s Clear speech exercises below and notice that the earphones making it clear fans need to listen to use this product.