Champion your digital products using our top social promo hacks

In Digital by Accounts Amaze October 11, 2020

Social media promotion is essential when demonstrating how your product works, presenting your digital creation and tailoring your promotion to your audience. Follow our guide to find our best practices and tips to really get to grips with digital products and creating the perfect campaigns. 

‘Call to action’ features on your social platforms

It’s important to make user journeys as straightforward as possible between your social media platforms, storefront, and listings. A call to action shows your community what action they need to take to buy your digital product, and how to do it. 

You might feature product previews on Instagram Stories and IGTV posts by inserting the “swipe up” action for buyers to be taken straight to your Teespring store. Consider adding arrows, circles and emoji’s to accentuate the action. Make sure to always use the bio area on your Instagram to create an easy pathway to your storefront by inserting your digital product URL. Take advantage of the Instagram shopping feature and include a clickable link to your digital products on your in-feed posts. Learn more about Instagram promotional techniques here.

Incentives for fans

Consider introducing incentives in your promotional strategy. For example, you might offer a promo code for the first in your community to buy your digital product or offer a discount for selling digital products together in your listings. Ensure you’re shouting about that extra treat in your product description and on social media. 

Think about promoting a limited edition digital product only available for a specific amount of time to add excitement and exclusivity to your products. Another great way to encourage purchases is to provide a “bonus” complimentary digital product by adding a free add-on to your listing, like a phone wallpaper. 

Video demos of your digital products 

Ensuring your audience understands exactly what your digital product does is key. Video is the perfect way to demonstrate their usability and showcase your designs. Consider filming yourself using your products or record your screen to show your products in action. TikTok and IGTV are great tools to catch your follower’s attention by posting short, effective videos (and linking to your products!). Check out the way Simon’s cat showcases the features and design of their digital planner below.

Generate hype

One of our best practices when coming up with promo material is sharing user generated content. Sadie shares her fan’s posts trying out their Lightroom presets on Instagram Stories. Showing excited buyers using her digital product generates excitement and interest, as well as affirming the value and quality of the digital products she’s selling. This also boosts social proof–acting as a collection of positive reviews to show the success and popularity of your digital products.

Also consider creating a countdown for your digital product drop, and post a teaser image a day for a period of time before putting your digital creation up for sale. Create polls on your instagram stories so fans can engage with you to show anticipation, not only that, you’re able to get an idea of your communities interests. 

Everyone now has access capability to take their content digital and begin turning their content into downloadable products. See how Bonnie Rzm promotes hers, and learn useful tips and next steps to take by visiting our Guide to digital products.