Get more personalization and 3x your sales with custom product images

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze October 20, 2021

If you’re here, you’ve received an exclusive invite for our new service: custom product imagery.

There’s something magic about seeing products in the wild. That’s why we’re offering custom product images for select creators. But don’t delay, this is a limited time service. You have until November 10 to submit custom product images for this round of beta testing. Learn how to get started. 

How it works is simple:

  • Order a product sample
  • Take a photo
  • Submit to our team (you can send up to two images)
  • Rake in the sales

So far, we’ve seen several creators who’ve added custom product images triple their sales. If you haven’t ordered a product sample, you can learn how here. It’s pretty simple. 

Also note: We’ll keep all your “flat lay” images so fans can see what your product looks like.

Tips for taking product photos

There’s just a few ground rules you should follow.

  • Use real photos you’ve taken. Stock images will not perform well—your fans want to see you in your custom images.
  • Only submit PNG or JPEG file types. We cannot accept other file types e.g. HEIC
  • You can submit up to two custom images, photos must feature the same product and color option. We’ll keep two of the original product mockups so fans can clearly see what products look like.
  • Show your design clearly. If your design is featured on the front of your hoodie, make sure you’re facing the camera. Make sure your brand (and not any others) are the main focus of your images, too, and not being obscured.
  • Focus on photo quality. Take your photographs in a brightly lit area and ensure your photo is in focus. 
  • Do not alter or add filters. This may cause the colors of your auto-generated flat-lay image to differ from your custom product image. 
  • Send in a square image. We recommend 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Get started below.

All we need is the following: 

  • Your image file 
  • URL of the listing you’d like customized
  • If there’s more than one product in your listing, specify which one you’d like updated
  • Your Spring email