Go-to digital product ideas and tools for streamers

In Digital by Accounts Amaze May 5, 2021

There’s a groundbreaking opportunity video content creators, gamers, and live streamers like you are missing: digital products.

We’re no stranger to the fact there’s dozens of ways to fund your stream or channel already. Take Twitch for example—fans can subscribe and gift them too, move tiers, and more—but selling digital products with Spring is a goldmine. 

Read on for digital product ideas to enhance the connection with your community.

Turn stream moments into audio, artwork, coloring pages, and more

There’s one thing sets streamers and video-based creators apart from others—they are their content. Whether you’re playing COD, discussing art, or chatting about your weekly food menu, there’s always a moment that can be transformed into a sellable digital product. 

Take for instance Chris Pearson, aka Pop Cross Studios. Weekly, he shares video content about his character designs and stories he writes. Anyone who subscribes to his channel can not only enjoy his “nerdy art nonsense” and follow his drawing process, but continue the fun by customizing his characters through purchasing digital coloring sheets.

This blog is a great place to start, or find some extra ideas below.

  • Turn favorite streaming moments and inside jokes with fans into colorless line drawings using free color removing tools, or Photoshop. If you’re a creative, also consider selling digital artwork and posters too.
  • Create wallpaper backgrounds using images your community will recognize. Find tons of free customizable designs on Placeit and Canva.
  • Sell snippets of your favorite taglines from your stream and sell them as audio files. Fans can download onto their devices and use them as ringtones and notification sounds.

Emotes, stream overlays, and panel designs

As a streamer, you’ll know how important elements like overlays and emotes are for communicating your brand. With the live streaming industry growing rapidly, many of your viewers are likely aspiring streamers. Why not offer your skills too in the form of purchasable stream elements? This way, you can give back to your community, while fans support you in the process.

Hind Ema is an artist and creator selling streaming packs that include overlay screens, panels and emotes all inspired by Japanese anime and cats. By offering this type of digital product, Hind’s followers can stand out when they stream. Check out some ideas as well as free online tools below to speed up the process by using templates and customizable designs.

  • Stream overlay templates and ‘brb screens’ using Placeit 
  • Audio files for fans to use as custom alerts (when someone subscribes to your channel, they’re called out in-stream)
  • Use Canva or Placeit to customize your own sellable profile banners and panels, or provide Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files for fans to customize. (Recommended size for profile banners is 1200x480px, Twitch panel images should be 320px wide)
  • Create emotes for fans to offer on their stream. Images should be .png format. You will either need a single square image between 112 x 112px – 4096 x 4096px, or three image sizes: 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px.

Guides and tutorials

Share your knowledge with your fans. One of the best ways to extend the value of your content is to sell guides and tutorials. Identify the high engagement, frequently requested or content topics, and turn it into a resource for fans to learn more.

Alan, aka The Dungeon Coach, connects with fans by inviting them to join him in absorbing themselves in the world of Dungeons and Dragons via his YouTube channel. His goal is to enhance the experience of the game by encouraging his 21.5K (and rapidly growing) subscribers to think outside the box. He provides tips on combat, travel, character creation, and more via his YouTube channel. 

Then came the opportunity to create The Dungeon Locker, a Spring store full of PDF e-books offering inspo and guides, such as Homebrew Monsters: a guide to adding new and exciting abilities to monsters in the game to challenge players.

Even more digital product ideas for gamers

You’re not limited to the ideas above. Digital products are ideal for gamers too. They’re a great, low-cost way to run giveaways. Run contests on your live streams and reward your subs easily. How about these ideas too:

  • Playstation or Xbox backgrounds. Sell designs that can be uploaded and used as to customize your fans’ gaming devices. Be sure to provide instructions.
  • Coaching sessions, exclusive meet-ups, and 1:1 play-throughs. Create a PDF acting as a ticket for your fans to download and gain access. In your document, display your exclusive video call link, or any contact details (create a specific email).
  • Gaming mods. Provide add-ons for games you create content playing. I.e. cosmetic items,  equipment, game enhancements, etc. 
  • Sell your game design knowledge and skill. The ultimate gaming digital product inspo—Tacko Gamma. Isaack sells digital products designed to help game developers and designers level-up their projects. Check it out.

Now you’ve got the inspiration and tools to create your first digital product, what are you waiting for? Prepare your files and head to the Digital Launcher.