Promoting digital products with Bonnie Rzm

In Digital by Accounts Amaze October 25, 2020
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Fashion photographer and influencer Bonne Rzm shapes her brand around empowering others through her content.

Keep reading to learn more about how she’s revolutionized her merch offering by incorporating digital products, the concepts behind them, promotional tips and digital product design inspiration.

Engaging her content-creating community 

Understanding what engages her fan base, Bonnie’s digital product designs are carefully aligned with events going on in her ‘Shutterbug’ community. 

  • Recently launching a Swimwear poses guide, buyers download her e-book for a step-by-step guide to taking photos during the Summer season
  • The Digital Launcher is so streamlined, it allows Bonnie time to focus on the design of her products, developing her brand, and creating effective promo content.
  • By transferring her content to downloadable resources, Bonnie’s monetizing her knowledge, services and branded visuals.

Sharing product preview images

Since releasing her first Vibin Lightroom presets and featuring them on her instagram, she’s released others based on their success. Posting ‘before and after’ images demonstrates their effectiveness and by using call to action techniques like “tap to edit” and “swipe up to buy”, she’s able to catch the interest of her audience quickly.

Displaying her Vibin wallpapers in the background of her selfies elevates her promotion and incentivizes the bundle as well as adding extra designs monthly. The key to Bonnie’s products is that her designs are versatile enough to reuse across several digital products. Check out her Shutterbug digital planner too–a helpful tool to use on a tablet for planning social media content.

Increasing traffic to her store 

Another key traffic driver to Bonnie’s Teespring storefront is linking to Facebook and Instagram platforms. Using the Instagram shopping feature allows her to link to specific digital products within her posts. Discoverability of her digital products is made effortless, the path to her storefront is simplified.

To summarize, follow Bonnie’s 3 promotional best practices and you’re winning: 

  1. Use preview images of your digital products to show how buyer can use them after downloading.
  2. Direct users from your social media platforms to your store by linking your Teespring store and using calls to actions
  3. Align followers when crafting your digital products and tailor your promotional content to grab their attention. 

Check out Bonnie’s store or visit her Instagram and TikTok to see her promotional content in action.