How to: digital Halloween at home

Halloween in 2020 is shaping up to be a low-key, indoors affair. With the dawn of digital products on Teespring, creators can use Halloween as the opportune time to help their fans celebrate safely without shipping to consider. Keep reading for top trending digital home-friendly Halloween ideas 🌒

Create photo filters with a creepy vibe

Preset photo filters are huge right now and are sought after by followers globally on social media. Provide your unique custom photo filters with fans so they can apply your Halloween aesthetic to their images. We created a Pumpkin pie Lightroom filter to try out for inspiration. Get started with your own by playing with the contrast and brightness, ramping up the fade and grain, and adding orange tones! 🍂 Learn more about photo filters in our full guide.

Get fans’ mobile devices Halloween-ready 

Consider sharing mobile friendly products for fans to personalize their cell phones and set the mood for Halloween this year. iOS widgets are easy and fun for fans to apply to their iPhone. Be sure to explain clearly how your widgets can be applied after download using your product description. Learn more about this clever product from Techdaily. 

While you’re preparing your downloadable file of widgets, think about adding another buying incentive like wallpapers to your listings using your current designs. Make sure bonus products like this are added to the rest of your files by packaging them together in a .zip folder and uploading them to the Digital Launcher.

Share spooky story e-books

Allow fans to download an e-book and read a scary story at the click of a button. Dark side writers have turned their love of spooking their community with scary stories and poems into an e-book they created on Canva. They also read stories aloud on their YouTube channel. Take a peep if you dare… 😏 You can also consider uploading your e-book creations as audio files for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

Scary stories not your thing? Offer Halloween themed e-books tailored to the content you create and your communities interests. Here’s a few ideas: 

  • Share your best pumpkin recipes or trick or treat goodies for fans to enjoy at home
  • A Halloween preparation check-list
  • Create crafty Halloween ideas for home decor such as cross stitch or knitting pattern printable sheets.
  • Frightening makeup tutorials to show off to friends and family on Zoom calls
  • Create an educational piece such as a guide to the moon phases.

Printable posters: on-trend decorative solutions 

Great digital products to offer this year also include printable home decorations. Check out our Halloween printable home decor Pinterest board for inspo. This year the trend is: 

  • It’s all about retro illustrations, graphic designs, and typography. This kind of on-trend imagery can stay up on the walls all year long. Fans will love designs inspired by vintage posters, music, events and traditional horror movies
  • Get quirky with your designs using clipart of quirky characters, motifs and patterns. Have fun with your designs and make your Halloween products lighthearted
  • Mystical themes such as tarot cards, healing crystals, spices and herbs, and crystal balls are popular themes this year.

Shout (or scream) about it on social media

Once you’ve got your Halloween digital products ready to go, think about fun and engaging ways you can craft the perfect promotional material to start making noise on social media platforms. Head to Placeit or Canva to start applying your designs to their brilliant Halloween themed social media post templates. Contemplate introducing fun ideas to increase engagement with your followers such as sharing your instagram story template for them to apply to their posts too. 

Set up a promo code the Friday before Halloween to provide an incentive for your fans to get prepared with Halloween by purchasing your digital products! Share a discount code such as PUMPKIN20 on social media and offer 10% off. Consider bundling an extra bonus product in your digital product listing such as a wallpaper.

Now you’ve got all the inspo you need to kill it this Halloween with digital products, head straight to the Digital Launcher to start uploading your designs.

Everyone now has access capability to take their merch digital and begin turning their content into downloadable products. Begin by preparing your digital products for upload and sharing right away.