Now, creators can sell on Apple’s App Store with Spring

In Digital, News by Accounts Amaze January 31, 2022

Create with Spring, sell on the App Store. It’s all about connecting digitally—so we’re removing barriers for creators like you to expand the reach of your brand and tap into new products and platforms.

We’re excited to announce iMessage Stickers as the first digital product Spring creators can sell on Apple’s App Store. Since the initial beta release, many creators have seen fans go wild for this new product. One creator in particular even made it into the UK’s top trending app charts (more on that below). 

Giving you the ability to share your digital content using innovative tools and channels means it’s easier than ever for you to stay current in the creator space. Spring’s CEO, Chris Lamontagne, says: 

By integrating with Apple’s App Store, we are able to build a brand new paradigm for creators, offering creatives a new way to interact with their community of fans and followers digitally. This addition has been created following Spring’s aim to start setting future digital trends within the creator economy.” 

In a constantly evolving creator commerce world, iMessage Stickers mean you can expose your products in spaces you haven’t before—even off social media. First, they’re an affordable option for fans to engage with and support you. Second, they’re a fun way to create a network effect. 

We’re rolling out access to iStickers on a case by case basis, once you’ve gained access we’ll notify you via email. Until then, let us know you’re interested in this exciting new product using the form below.

Comic book creator and illustrator @SiberianLizard  is one of Spring’s most recent iMessage Sticker success stories. After adding her first sticker pack to the App Store, she immediately sold over 100 sticker packs in just 7 days. Her digital product reached No.1 in the UK charts, and ranked #14 on the Top Paid iMessage app list. How’s that for brand exposure? Following Siberian Lizard’s huge success, she’s currently working on her second Sticker Pack.

This is just the beginning. Soon, we’ll be inviting creators to try out this new way of selling, and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact it has on their brand and communities. 

Sound good? Let us know if you’re interested below.