How Connor DeWolfe used Instagram to increase his orders by 60%

In Insights by Accounts Amaze August 20, 2021

The passionate and viral content creator took advantage of Instagram’s shopping features—and has watched his earnings pile up.

Connor DeWolfe creates video content about living with ADHD. His skits are short, relatable, and pretty humorous, educating his fans on what it’s really like to live as a neurodivergent person (and reminding them to drink water). 

As Connor’s platform grew, he wanted to create merchandise too. So he made a bunch of products on our platform, including his now-popular “Bees in my head” design. 

Here was the issue. Connor’s product sales were doing well, but he wanted to reach even more fans. He also wanted fans to be able to find and buy his products without having to click through too many links.

That’s where the Instagram shopping integration came in. 

It was pretty simple. He hit “Add Shop” on his Instagram profile, and with that, he could tag his Spring products in posts, stories, and reels. Fans could seamlessly buy his merchandise right then and there. And sales skyrocketed.

Connor saw orders increase by 60.5% after integrating, with a 56.8% increase in profit.

“The Instagram integration has been a game-changer for marketing my products,” says Connor. “My followers can now see my store without going through a trail of links.”

Other creators can follow suit. Just hit “Add Shop” on your profile to integrate your store, and you’re good to go. If you don’t see that button, no worries—access is rolling this out gradually, so more creators will be eligible soon. For any questions, check out our FAQ page.