Why NFT enthusiast @byshayneanthony sells with Mint-On-Demand™

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Mint-On-Demand™ makes launching NFTs easy. Shayne Anthony thought so too. After moving over from other NFT selling platforms to Spring, he launched a digital collectible alongside a new hoodie. See how he did it.

If you can engage fans with merch, you can sell NFTs too. Photographer and creative director @byshayneanthony tried his hand before selling NFTs via other platforms. Mint-On-Demand™ made for the perfect opportunity to go again with a more eco-friendly blockchain, zero upfront costs, and no risk.

The ease of Mint-On-Demand™ 

Shayne has experience selling merch to his community, so NFTs felt like the natural next step.  However, after trying to sell his digital collectibles on other marketplaces (like Opensea), Shayne quickly realized selling NFTs was a complicated process. Upfront, unsustainable minting, gas fees, and crypto wallet requirements for him and fans made the whole process intimidating.

Shayne and Spring’s Creative Director chat all things NFT Live on @springforcreators

That’s why he jumped at the chance to sell NFTs with Spring; Mint-On-Demand™ removes the upfront cost and risk, plus, no crypto requirements makes it easy for anybody to purchase NFTs.  

“Mint-On-Demand™ allows me to have my NFT in my store alongside my physical product range—if you sell merch for your channel, then I recommend bolting onto your physical product drops to create collectible NFTs.”

Shayne launched his NFT alongside a merch drop for maximum engagement

NFT inspiration

Shayne decided to launch his first NFT on Spring alongside a new merch drop; he took the design file from his Bad Signal Hoodie, and used it to create a limited edition NFT. Launching his hoodie and NFT at the same time was an engaging way for him to re-introduce digital collectibles to his community. Plus, taking inspiration from the hoodie design itself to create the digital collectible meant he could easily recycle his existing design asset to create a new NFT.

“My NFT captures the vibe of the new design, but in digital form. Something that isn’t just a graphic, but ties directly into the merch drop and my community.”

Please note: Currently, creators can use the Mint-On-Demand™ beta to launch NFT static file formats (JPG, PDF, PNG), we’ll introduce additional file formats soon.

NFT promotional strategy 

Shayne made sure to shout about his new launch on social media once it went live. Using Instagram stories and posts—he took advantage of the Spring x Linktree Integration. By pointing fans toward his Linktree, they’d be able to click, see his merch and NFT displayed together, and purchase both.

Creators can easily sell NFTs through Spring x Linktree Integration

Super fans who purchased the NFT would now be able to start digital flexing. They now have a collectible that marks the moment Shayne’s Bad signal merch launched—and the NFT in their crypto-wallet proved they supported it.

Ready to launch your own?

Planning to launch new merch? Merge it with a digital collectible launch—it’s the perfect strategy to ease you into creating your first NFT.

We’re rolling out access to Mint-On-Demand™ right now, so if you haven’t received an email from us confirming your NFT access—hold tight. In the meantime, check out our ultimate guide to NFTs here and apply for access below.