How to sell NFTs with Super Dacob: minting a milestone

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Tons of creators sell NFTs with Mint-On-Demand™—and their fans are already digitally flexing. Read how creator @superdacob dropped 50 NFTs to commemorate a milestone with his community.

Fans are always searching for new ways to support you and your brand. @SuperDacob saw the opportunity to sell NFTs, engage with fans, and mark physical experiences within his community. With Mint-On-Demand™, you can too.

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Examples of Spring creator Super Dacob's NFTs

Marking physical moments with NFTs  

YouTube creator @SuperDacob has a diverse, worldwide community tapped into high fashion, luxury, art and culture. Keeping a close eye on the industry, he noticed high profile fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton were offering NFTs. 

After reaching 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, he decided to celebrate by dropping 50 unique NFTs. The limited edition collection would become a tokenized game for the community:

“We decided to launch our own series of fashion-inspired NFTs in a series of playful colors for my fans to collect and trade with each other, making the NFT experience interactive and fun”. 

Making the NFT relevant to fans

Each of the 50 NFTs are 1 of 1, and mimic a different bag material and hardware. The NFT project virtually represents the chase for a rare “unicorn bag” (something his community can relate to). Dacob explains: 

“The collector of the NFT gets to hunt down their favorite hardware… There are no two alike…It’s a game that reflects the chase after unicorn bags in the luxury fashion world, except it’s more sustainable. Once you catch a color-way you like, you can decide to swap it and chase down different variations.”

Promoting the NFT collection 

Dacob sold out by nailing promotion and getting fans hyped. There’s several ways he announced their availability on his store:

How Super Dacob promoted NFTs to their community
  • Announced the drop during 50K celebrations on Livestream and shared the link to his store. Only members could access the live—making the drop exclusive.
  • Communicated the value of the NFT collection and questions in real-time
  • Featured the NFTs in his Linktree—making them discoverable across all social platforms
  • Shared promotional imagery on Instagram 

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