4 Hacks to promote digital products like a pro

In Digital, Insights by Luiza Jordan May 20, 2021

Digital products are growing in popularity, and fast. Figure out the most effective ways to share yours on social media and catch the attention of your community using these promo hacks.

Digital content can be anything from e-books to music, digital wallpapers, photo filters, digital planners, educational content, and more. There’s tons of effective ways to connect with fans using digital products within your social media content. Once you’ve launched yours, keep reading to find out how other creators spread the word.

Ashley Acevedo

So you’ve created your digital product, now it’s time to create content and share it with your community. Here’s a few starting points to help you begin: 

Demonstrate what your digital product does

Prepare imagery or video content that showcases what your digital product can do. Nutritional Sarah created a recipe e-book, so she displayed the book cover on an iPad. Wednesday Holmes created a printable coloring book, so they effectively featured the sheets in a Instagram post. 

Show your digital product on a device

To get going, you may need a few templates handy. Placeit has tons of mock-ups ready for you to insert your book covers, coloring sheets, planners, and more. We’ve collected great free ones for you below. 

Use the power of video

Include digital products in video content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, IGTV. Not only does Sadie Aldis announce her iOS icon pack using YouTube content, she explains how fans can start applying her designs to their devices after download. If you’re using the YouTube integration, don’t forget to include your digital products below your video too 😉

Incentives on social media go a long way

Include discount code, run a giveaway to kick off the launch, or include a bonus gift when someone buys your digital product (such as a digital wallpaper). See examples from Wednesday Holmes and Nutritional Sarah below. Run your incentives for a limited time to create urgency. Create an attention grabbing post on Canva to make it unmissable.

Ready to launch your own digital product? Get tips for creating your first one and be sure to check out the mock-up vault. Start uploading your product below.