How Sapien Medicine sold 2,600+ NFTs with Mint-On-Demand™

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Sapien Medicine is the most successful Mint-On-Demand creator on Spring. With an impressive 69 drops and a community of 2,400 NFT holders—read on to learn how do they do it. 

@SapienMedicine is a YouTube creator who connects with their community of 242,000 subscribers through digital artwork, spiritual wellness, and guided meditation. There’s huge demand and value around their NFTs: find out how to engage your fans with NFTs too.

Sapien Medicine—the youtube creator selling NFTs

Ready to start your journey into web3 with your fans? Take note of the ways Sapien Medicine does it and give it a go. Check to see if you’ve got access (If not, you will soon—register your interest here).

Creating hype and demand 

Before Mint-On-Demand, Sapien Medicine started with digital products—selling 4,000+ of them in just over a year. Through only announcing new products via gated forums, the exclusivity around them grew. Sapien’s digital product success meant NFTs were the obvious next step.

Building value and introducing co-creation 

Sapien continued to use their forums to exclusively announce new NFTs and discuss their value; an important community building tactic. They explained:

“Eventually, the process evolved into our community building what they would like in an NFT…then submitting it to me to create. The unique thing about having community project NFTs is that members are pre-invested in the idea, knowing they had a hand in creating it”.

Gated forums give fans the governance to vote on what content comes next, get benefits, and have a say in brand decisions. Becoming an NFT holder became much more than proving ownership—it made them part of the community.

Sapien Medicine's NFTs

Introducing utility for fans

Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck NFT

Sapien Medicine then decided to take their NFT game to the next level; introducing the Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck NFT. Each NFT holder received a bonus physical tarot card deck. Adding extra perks made for the perfect way to reward NFT holders for their support and mark the moment physically.

Members of the community went crazy for it. There’s now 205 NFT holders digitally flexing their NFT Tarot Decks. Sapien said:

“We try to add a real world value to it, so there is an actual worth. For examlpe, the Tarot Card Deck is a physical, and the NFT is used as a certifier of the purchase.”

See the full story below.

Now you’ve got tips from one of the best, start thinking about ways you can start co-creating with your community. Create and sell and NFTs for your fans below.