5 Tips for Promoting Your Valentine’s Day Products

In Creators by Danielle Pederson January 25, 2023

February is nearly here—the season for red hearts, flowers, and lots of sales. Cash in on this holiday by creating and selling Valentine’s day products! 

Use these five tips to promote your products effectively and get the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Share on social!

Sharing on social is a great way to promote your Valentine’s Day products—but it’s more involved than just adding a link to a post. You can help your post perform better when you:

  • Run a Valentine’s Day promotion on best-selling products
  • Use V-Day hashtags to attract holiday lovers
  • Boost engagement with interactive posts
  • Hold a V-Day themed event to showcase your products
  • Have a V-Day giveaway
  • Post playful, anti-Valentine’s Day products and messaging

2. Use Spring’s Boosted Network 

Valentine’s Day is a good reason to ensure that traffic to your store is converted to sales. To help, we created Spring’s Boosted Network—a service that helps boost sales by as much as 15% through enhanced promotional efforts, like email marketing. 

We’ll help keep on top of traffic to your store by sending out cart abandonment and product recommendation emails to your past purchasers. To learn more about our Boosted Network click HERE

3. Create promo codes

Promo codes are always a great go-to for any campaign. They provide incentives for fans to purchase right away or elsel lose out on a deal (which creates that FOMO feeling). 

Promo codes only take a few minutes to make and are a fantastic way to promote your Valentine’s Day merch and increase your sales. For a refresher on how to create promo codes, click HERE

4. Create a gift guide 

Go beyond just creating products and give helpful advice on what makes a great gift. It shows you’re putting thought behind the products that you are designing. You can then highlight different products, both physical and digital, and help fans envision how each one will be useful to them or their loved ones. Multiple sales opportunities!

5. Use Spring shelf integrations

Share your Valentine’s products seamlessly with your community through our platform integrations. You can use the Integrations Tab on your Dashboard to activate and customize your products on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and others. This way, fans will be able to see the items on your merch shelf within the platform. And it’s just one click for them to get to your store to purchase. For more details or a refresher, click HERE

Valentine’s is almost here and we’re here for it! Happy promoting and happy Valentine’s Day!